I got asked again today "how to make money fast and easy?" As a writer I get asked "how to make money from home" questions all the time. People who know me know that my knowledge base on how to make money without a lot of money to invest is pretty current, because I write on home based business topics all the time. More than that, as a freelancer, I have much experience with needing a quick buck or two here and there.

The most common question I have been asked during all the months of the down economy is "how do I make money from home quickly and easily?" What almost always follows next is "oh, yeah, and my credit is not so good, and I don't have any money to get started." Yeah, I know. Times have been tough for a while now and we all feel the sting of the financial institution fallout and resulting economic instability. Being a freelance writer is not the easiest way to make a living either; paychecks are not always on time. Actually, I've hedged my bets too by developing multiple streams of passive income to see me through the times when I don't get paid on time from various projects. I just can not take the chance of a month without money coming in. In my case, I have become somewhat of an expert at making money quickly, with little or no money, and as easily as possible so that it does not take time away from my writing time. For the self employed it seems to be good financial self defense.

So how do you make money quickly and easily? There are a lot of ways to do so, and I am going to give you some of my best legitimate ways to make money from home in a hurry. In some cases you can even work today get paid today.

6 Ways to Make Money Fast and Easy

1. If you are really in a hurry to generate some quick money, as in today if not sooner, my favorite emergency cash raising tactic is to find something of value around the house to sell that I am not using. March on over to Craigslist, write an ad explaining you must sell your item today, and you will get offers within minutes if the price is right. Because Craigslist is local, whoever buys your stuff will usually pick it up right away and hand you cash in the process.

2. Since I am a writer, I know where to look to make fast money writing articles online. There are numerous article writing sites out there willing pay you to write short 400 to 1,000 word articles and they generally have rush projects they need writers for today if not sooner. The pay is usually very low, around a penny a word to about triple that, but the work is easy if you have descent writing skills. You don't need to be a professional to write for these companies, just willing to do a good job, write mildly informative content with a little personality, and able to complete the work quickly. These services are good if you need a regular paycheck or are searching for some odd income. They also fit the bill for the occasional quick income generation need.

3. Surveys are also good moneymakers. I am registered with just about every get paid to take survey site online, and I will tell you that I get steady work to the tune of $15 a day or better. Not a mint for the effort, but with occasional slow periods in my freelance work, a little extra income is always welcome. The name of the game is to register with all of the companies out there, and to constantly check your email throughout the day. Spots for most surveys, especially the more highly paid ones, fill quickly and are first come, first served in most cases. If you are first you will be able to make a few extra bucks by taking online surveys.

4. Another way to make money fast and easy is to start an autopilot Ebay business. If you are not familiar with how to start an automatic Ebay business with a dropshipper, then read starting an Ebay Dropshipping Business for Passive Income. The article will tell you all you need to know about making some serious cash on selling on Ebay with almost no money to get started.

5. If you do not like the cost of Ebay selling fees, there is a less expensive option along the same lines. You can use a free blog to list your items with a buy now Paypal button and still work with a wholesaler offering dropship services supply your goods. For extra exposure, spring for an upgraded USFree Ads account for about ten bucks a month and write a classified to bring more traffic to each product page. USFree Ads index with the search engines very quickly and will bring you traffic in just a day to your sales pages. One more tip about writing your ads, longer and more descriptive is almost always better because it will help the search engines to bring you more traffic. This is my favorite way to make quite a bit of cash in a hurry. Time I have, but money sometimes not so much.

6. I am also an affiliate of Adsense and several other programs like Amazon, and Ebay. I have several blogs on various topics which bring me passive income through advertising and product sales. Again, you can get started for free, and once the traffic shows up, the money will start to come. Affiliate marketing could not be easier or faster because the income is passive. The harder you work to write more blog posts the faster your legitimate passive income stream will build. To me, it just does not get any easier than building a passive income stream for revenue and then having it produce continuously over time. You do the work once, and get exponentially growing profits. Fast depends on how hard you work, and easy comes after a bit of work upfront, however, the money keeps coming long after the work is done with no maintenance.

I have used all of the how to make money fast and easy techniques mentioned in this articles at one point or another over the course of my freelance writing career. The truth is that all are legitimate, and all work really well to bring in additional income. I have learned over the last year or two that passive income is the best, because once the initial work is done the money keeps trickling in. The more passive revenue streams you create the quicker and more easily you will be able to make money fast from home.