1. Recursive Affiliate Income

Affiliate Marketing  is by far the fastest  way of making money online, an affiliate signs up to advertise a product or service and he/she  gets paid a  commission for every sale  he or she makes.Recursive Affiliate Income  is actually the same and the only difference is that  with this type  of affiliate  program you would  choose  to promote  affiliate programs  that sell subscription  services or those that have recurring standard charges  for those who sign up.Every time the client renews  their standard service fees you continue to receive  commissions, if the client stays with this service for 5 years you will be paid every month or year whenever  the service subscription service needs to be renewed.A good example would be web hosting  services like Hostgator or email auto responders  like Aweber which  handle  my emails for  my websites and blogs.

Getting onboard with Recursive Affiliate  Income and  promoting services with  like these can quickly bring  about a stable income for you but you will  have to search around and see which program  best fits your blog or website needs.

I personally recommend ClickBank because they have a lot of wonderful products and services back by  competent and resourceful  staff members.

2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense connects  advertisers and publishers just like the other Ad networks, their products and services helps webmasters to earn money by allowing them to place Ads on their site.You  can  learn more about the Adsense  program   here.


What is Text-Link-Ads? Believe it or not it is a company that is dedicated  to connecting advertisers with publishers  who  pays money  to place text link ads  on your site .The program is completely automated in the sense that you sign up free of charge, copy advertising scripts from their site to place on your site and when ever a visitor to your site clicks on these text links you get pay instantly.Sign up for for Text-Link-Ads  and let them do the magic for you now.With good traffic  coming to your site  you will definitely  reap the benefits  of  Text-Link-Ads.

 3. Paid  Reviews

These are sites that act as a middleman between you  and  sponsers who usually pays for  you to write reviews of their  site, services  or  products .This  is usually great as you can quickly  raise a substantial amount of cash by  writing  about a topic that naturally interests you.The only down side to a model ilke this is that the money stops coming  when you stop writing reviews.Two  great  paid to review sites that I have came across are ReviewMe.com  and  PayPerPost.com.

 4. Affiliate Marketing

Like I have said before, Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way of making money online, so why not go and join some of those fantastic programs and start promoting their products or services.Three of the top Affiliate networks  that I have come across  are Clickbank.com , PayDotCom.com  and Amazon.com.These  sites offer  products and services ranging from physical products to stuff like ebooks, etc.

 5. Donations

This  is a cool way to  monetize your blog, it gives visitors an opportunity to give back to the work  you  are putting forward to them.Believe it  or not some people will gladly donate to your site because they are happy with the work you are doing and they want to encourage you to continue.Before you accept donations  you have to sign up with PayPal.com  in order for your site to process credit card payments.I use paypal  and  I have found it to be a great  program. There is no harm in accepting  a donation, it may go a long way in maintenance of your site.