THow to Make Money in a MonthCredit: morguefile.comhere are various ways to bring in some extra cash, but if you are wondering how to make money in a month then check out these tips.

Garage Sale – This maybe be one of the quickest ways to bring in some much needed cash, and also a great way to clean out the basement, garage, storage locker or anywhere you may be stashing that “may need it someday” junk!

If you are short on time, and can’t get an ad in the paper, then get up some flyers tell the neigbhours, co-workers and anyone you see that you are having a garage or yard sale this weekend.

Spend the next few days getting things cleaned up and organized and just what will be going and have it ready to put outside or in the garage (if it is raining) and put price tags on, or if you don’t want to get that complicated, set up areas that simply say “anything right here is 10 bucks”. 

You don’t want to be dragging any of this stuff back in the house, so if it is still there come 11am, then start looking to lower the price or throw it in as a bonus to someone who buys anything!

You will be surprised just how much you can make.  10 dollars here and there adds up quickly and the bonus is a cleaned out house.  You could even add junk that friends or family don’t want to make your sale larger and make more money.

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Storage Locker – If you are paying out for a storage locker, and you hardly use anything in there, then it is time to have a garage sale at the locker.  Ask permission from the storage owners, but this has become common practice. 

Why be paying out hundreds a month to rent a place to stuff your junk!  Get your slate clean and start looking at where your money is going.

How to make money in a month?  Try doing things in reverse.  Instead of looking for ways to make money, why not take a serious look at where your money is going?  You may find some instant savings for the month.

Stop the Bleeding:

Storage lockers- Why pay rent for your junk?  Get rid of the junk and the locker or make a deal with a friend if you simply must store stuff.

Gym membership – if you hardly go, then cancel it or find someone to take it over.  Most gyms will allow someone to finish off your membership.

Premium Gas – Unless you have a very high end car that needs special care regular gas will save you at the pumps.  Most cars do fine on this.

Newspapers and magazines – If they are piling up in your living room, then stop the subscriptions.

Go over all your variable spending, such as groceries, cash spending, cell phone bills anything that you have control over and see if you can find some savings.

The above tips are great to get started with and you will notice more savings in the months to come, but if you need to make money in a month or right now, then considered these ideas.

How to make money in a month?

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Garage sale – as stated above

Dog Walking – You would be surprised how many people don’t have time or don’t want to walk their dog.  Offer them a good deal and get paid by the walk or the week.

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Ebay – Basically an online garage sale, but if you have some time and a good camera you can make some quick money selling off name brand clothes, shoes, purses, golf equipment and more.  This works best if you have a PayPal account, but then you will have cash sitting there ready to use.

Detail Cars – Many people will wash the outside of the car or go through car washes when they get gas but most hate to clean the insides!  If you have a good vacuum and some car upholstery cleaner, then you can make onwards of 50 dollars or more for a good job.  You can offer to do it right in their driveway, so this would be great in the neighbourhood.

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Weed Gardens – Offer to help someone for some cash of course.  If it is a hot day and you see neighbours trying to keep up with their gardens, then offer to help.  Even if it is just for that day, they can pay you when you are done.

Yard Work – Help to dig holes for larger plantings and moving delivered dirt or wood chips around.  This is good if you are strong.

Shovel Snow – In the winter months many people will appreciate this.  So, if you have a strong back then this would make you some extra instant money.

Barter – If you are short of cash for the month, you could offer to do chores for garden fresh veggies etc.  There are many neighbourhoods that rely on bartering to get by.

House sit or Pet Sitting – If friends or neighbours are heading out for the weekend or longer, offer to take care of things or their pets while they are away for a fair price.

How to make money in a month?  It all depends on how much you need, but if you combine some of the above tips together, such as trimming all your monthly expenses, selling you’re junk at garage sales or online, getting rid of extras such as storage fees and memberships and then doing extra jobs for some cash, you should notice by the end of the month that you have more cash in your pocket. 

If you have started to really look at your monthly expenses, and trimmed a few, then you will notice by the next month that you have less money to shell out which can be just as good as trying to make more.

So, if you save on expenses and have less outlay and then add extra jobs you should notice more money in your pocket.

How to make money in a month? - Simply find something that busy people don’t have time to do and market yourself.  Our family has done its fair share of detailing cars for extra money, especially with the Canadian winters, people basically live in their cars and it shows but it takes time on their busy weekends and it doesn’t get done, so this is one of many ways to make extra money.

A few dollars her and a few dollars there will add up quickly.