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How To Make Money in the Winter Months

Every year as winter approaches some things tend to slow down.  If you’ve got an outdoor or seasonal job hours may be hard to come by.  Even if your hours are still the same, you might find it harder to get outside and do something productive.  Just like the seasons of spring, summer, and fall, winter has its own unique opportunities for the entrepreneur to earn some money.

Get Outside!

The most obvious gig during the winter is snow shoveling.  This is a cheap start up business.  After all, you only need a snow shovel and a strong back.  When you start to build a list of clients you may want to purchase a supply of salt or sand to help ease your work.

The Suncast SCP 3500 is a great snow shovel for the entrepreneur. This shovel is sturdy and light and will quickly become your preferred snow removal tool.

Related to snow shoveling is snow plowing.  Admittedly you’ll have to purchase or build a plow to attach to your vehicle but the pay can be very enticing.  It’s nothing for snow-plowers to make several hundred dollars to plow a parking lot.  The actual job can be done relatively quickly and you get to sit in the warm cab of your vehicle.  The most time consuming part of this operation can be soliciting potential customers.

If you live in an area that is popular with those who enjoy winter sports, you may look into being a ski instructor or ice fishing guide.  If you have skill in hunting, many people will pay good money for back country hunting guides to help them bag big trophies.

Stay Warm!

For those who have an aversion to the cold and snow there is always indoor work.  Perhaps you have a skill such as sewing that you can use to start a clothing repair business.  Baking goods for sale can also make you money if you’re able to find an outlet to sell them.  Or perhaps you’re good with kids.  Parents will need child care for all of the holiday parties and business trips that tend to occur during the winter months.

Speaking of the holidays; many department stores hire on extra help for the Christmas season.  Many drug stores hire extra help for the Valentine’s Day season and many bars and restaurants are looking for help around St. Patrick’s Day.  You could even set up your own curbside business during Christmas selling your baked goods or wrapping paper.  You might want to try selling flowers and candy in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Start Spring Cleaning Early!

If none of these options appeal to you, you can always cash in some of that stuff that you’ve got sitting around the house.  Items that have been replaced by new Christmas gifts may be needed by someone else.  You can set up and EBay or Craigslist account to help you move these items.  Some used clothing stores and thrift stores will also purchase gently used quality items.   After all, who needs two blenders at the same time?

Don't forget that a handyman side business can be started at any time of the year.  Information on how to get work as a handyman can be found in the article "How to Start a Handyman Business Cheaply."

File Your Taxes!

While it’s not technically making money since you’re just receiving what’s yours to begin with, filling your tax return early can put some extra cash in your pocket.  In most years, the IRS starts mailing out the returns of early filers by the end of January.  If you do file your tax return early, be sure to set some of it aside by investing in United States Savings Bonds.  This can be done easily by checking the box on your return application stating you want a portion of your return invested in this manner.

Get out there and Make Some Cash!

Don’t let the winter blues keep you from getting out there and being productive.  Just like in the spring, summer, and fall, there are loads of winter opportunities for those with enough entrepreneurial spirit to reach out and grab them.