Weddings don't have to break the bank

Making money from my wedding was never a goal. But, somehow when my husband and I tallied up our takings after our nuptials, we realized that we had actually made money from our wedding. In tough times, a wedding can be a money maker.

Things You Will Need

Guest list

Person to marry

Step 1

Trim down the wedding budget. I purposely left my list of things you'll need above short. After all, in the end to get married, you don't really need much. Cut down anything you don't deem a necessity

Step 2

Craft your guest list with care. A larger guest list usually translates into a larger budget. If you're really intent on making money from your wedding, invite people you know will fork over cash as a present.

Step 3

Get married in a free venue. A park or somewhere outside are always good choices.

Step 4

Skip the reception. Usually, the bride and groom are too wiped to truly enjoy a reception so why go to all the trouble. Mingle with guests after the ceremony in the park instead. Most people don't really enjoy wedding receptions anyway.

Step 5

Send wedding announcements to anyone who you didn't invite to the wedding. Tell every family member and friend that you're married. You never know who will send gifts.

Weddings don't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can make money off of your wedding by cutting out anything not absolutely necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to write thank you notes!

  • Some people might be offended when you tell them your goal is to make money off your wedding, tell people with caution.