Among the many ways of making money online is making money by selling stock photos. In this method of money making I believe there are three distinct groups of people.

  • A large group of people who try this and give up relatively quickly by making no money at all or just few cents
  • Another large group of people who have managed to make some dollars per month, but soon after give up because they can not break through to the big income
  • And lastly a very small group of people who are making a decent amount of money per month consistently

The reason for such a clear separation is because of all the patience and time which the whole process takes.

First, you must take your time making nice photos and/or work with photo editing software in order to create the best portfolio you can.

Next, you must submit your photos for approval to the various directories, which are divided among extremely strict in terms of approval and less strict.

An average person would start noticing after some days that potentially many or all of your submitted photos are rejected for one reason or another. This is psychologically difficult to accept due to all the effort put behind it, however, it is crucial to have this step because the buyers of the photos require a high quality service and therefore, down the line, this is a very important step for both the directory and you. Just, it is hard to digest.

camera(46243)After the time it takes to create the photos and the time it takes to get them approved, then you have to just wait for them to get sold by the buyers who are browsing the directories in search of the perfect photos for themselves.

This is what I mean by the need to have a lot of patience. So if you are someone who must see quick results this path is likely not for you. But if you are someone who enjoys taking pictures or creating / editing in Photoshop or other similar software then nurture some patience and give this a shot.

After all, you do not have to sit and wait for all those processes to take place, you must always be creating new pictures and submitting them to the different directories, which takes a lot of time in itself. You can study which are the most popular pictures, pay attention to events and cater to them, etc.

You will also notice that professional photographers or graphic editors make much bigger money due to the awesomeness of their pictures, so quality matters a lot. And practice and learning will improve the quality of your photos a lot.

As days go by you can watch your portfolio grow and you start seeing sales. This is a very proud and motivating moment. But your creativity and skill will soon be given a test. Are you able to continue delivering high quality pictures and growing your portfolio? If yes then you can expect to see your income slowly grow from cents to single digit dollars and on to higher income as you get tens, then hundreds and then thousands of pictures.

Odollarsigns(46235)ne important choice you will have to make. Must you be exclusive to only one directory and receive a higher income per picture in return or you can place your photos on all directories at the same time and therefore increase the chances of making a sale. I vote for the latter as this gives the highest exposure to your work.

So if this sounds exciting for you, Google some more about it and start submitting your material to the directories. Here are few for you to begin:

  • 123rf
  • Fotolia
  • BigStockPhoto
  • iStockPhoto
  • ShutterStock