Everyone ends up with at least a small pile of unwanted Christmas gifts around the holiday season. Have you ever found yourself wondering sadly why your relatives can't just mail you a check instead of complicating your life with inflatable pool toys, cookbooks, and ugly sweaters?

If you're resourceful, you can actually turn your Christmas gifts into cash this holiday season. It's not hard! There are a number of places you can sell your unwanted Christmas gifts. Of course you've probably thought about selling your gifts at yard sales or flea markets, but those can be a lot of work and you don't always make the amount of money you'd like. A more lucrative option is to sell your unwanted holiday gifts online.

But if you've never sold anything online, you may feel a little wary. Perhaps you think it'll take a lot of time, or it's too technical for a technophobe like you, or that nobody buys stuff online anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here's why it's easy to make money online with your unwanted Christmas gifts.

Tiny Time Investment

In the time it takes to go to your local second-hand store and sell your unwanted items (and make a pittance of what they're worth), you could get online, post a dozen unwanted Christmas gifts, and log off. You then only have to think about it when you get an email telling you that you've sold an item. You don't need to keep checking your account or reposting your items. It's very fast, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home without needing to go anywhere.

Make More Money Online Than Offline

If you've ever sold items at a second-hand store, you've probably been disappointed with the amount of money you've made. The fact is, you are never going to make very much money selling your unwanted holiday gifts to any kind of brick-and-mortar store. The reason is, these stores need to stay in business. They have to make a profit on your items, otherwise it's not worth it. They are the ones who have to store your item, price tag it, inventory it, and then take care of the actual sale. Plus they have to pay for rent, utilities, stuff like that! Of course they can't afford you to pay what the item is worth or they won't make any money.

Now you can host your own yard sale, but as you know, people who go to yard sales are looking for bargains. They are going to look at your $50 brand-new toaster and say, "Can I have that for a dollar?" They are going to want to give you a nickel for a whole carton of Tibetan incense. So you are not going to make a lot of money selling your unwanted Christmas gifts in that way, either. :)

Contrast either of these two methods with selling online. Say you sell your unwanted Christmas gifts on eBay. Of course eBay is going to take a small cut, but they can afford to let you make most of the profit. The reason is, they already have their infrastructure set up. It doesn't actually cost them anything when you post an individual item. Anything they make is pure profit! So they take a very small cut in order to encourage more and more people to use their service. The same goes for other auction sites. This means that you can set your own price and not worry about losing too much money.

Thousands of People Shop Online

You would be surprised to realize how many people actually do all of their shopping online! Some people even buy groceries online and have them delivered. People might order beauty products like Aloe Vera moisturizer online at a fraction of the cost. Nowadays shopping online is very, very common, and people are used to just hopping online and running a Google search for anything they are interested in owning, no matter how unusual or offbeat!

With posting your unwanted xmas gifts online, you are going to be exposed to a much, much larger audience than if you tried to sell your gifts locally. Thousands of people have access to your unwanted xmas gifts this way!

Imagine how many people visit Amazon and eBay every day. So, the chances of someone coming across your unwanted gift who actually can use it are much higher. Think about it: say you have an M-Wave Unicycle that your uncle gave you that you think is cool, but you know you are simply never going to use. You're busy, you don't have time to learn to ride a unicycle. Well, say you post an ad around your local shops. A few people in your town who actually take the time to read the ad will know about it. And of those people, how many do you think will really be interested? The audience is just not large enough.

Now say you go to eBay and you post the exact same ad for your unicycle. Some college kid on the other end of the country sees it and goes, "Wow! That is just what I wish I'd gotten for xmas!" So you package it up and ship it to him. He's happy – he gets a new unicycle at half-price. You're happy – you made a profit and you can feel good about someone getting use out of the gift. You really can find a buyer for any of your unwanted xmas gifts online...whether it's a good memory foam mattress topper, a 9k gold ring, a smoothie blender, a starter pack of essential oils, or weight loss products....anything goes, everyone is different and there is definitely someone out there who will treasure your unwanted gifts!

Choose Where to Sell Your Unwanted Xmas Gifts Online

So, now that you understand why it's more lucrative and easier to sell your unwanted xmas gifts online, you just have to choose a marketplace. You can use Ebay, Craiglist, etsy, or Amazon.

Check them out and see which platform you like the best. If you are still concerned about the technical side of it, just ask a friend for help. Lots of people sell things online these days so I'm sure you know at least one or two people who would be happy to help you set things up. Really it's just a matter of creating an account, taking a few photos, and posting the items.

Once you've done it the first time, you will know how to do it and you will find it much easier the subsequent times. Remember the first time you ever checked email? Well, you learned how to use email, so you can learn how to sell your unwanted Christmas gifts online too!