Bukisa is a website that will pay you to write articles online. It is a site that is similar to Associated Content but it will only offer you money on page views. Therefore, you should be focusing on writing on popular topics if anything. Bukisa determines its pay to there members by a Bukisa index per 1,000 page views. For example, if the Bukisa index is $4 then if you earn 1,000 on Monday you will have earned $4. Now imagine if you were to earn 1,000 page views a day for a month ($120) or 5,000 page views a day ($600). Read on for tips on making money with Bukisa.

Sign-up with Bukisa so you can make some good money online. It is free to join and you never have to pay for anything. Also, you will need to sign-up for a Paypal account because that is the way Bukisa pays there members. Paypal is a free site to join as well. Also, you can transfer the money you have in your paypal account straight to your bank account.

Now just start posting articles, slideshows, audio or video on the website. You can earn revenue from any of these types of comments. If you have articles on other sites you can even post them on Bukisa because you will still own the rights to your article. So if you have a blog or if you post articles or videos on another site you can make money with them on Bukisa as well.

You can also invite people to make money on your Bukisa account. When you sign-up members to Bukisa you will earn a commission when they write articles on there site. So you can make money from writing your own material and a nice commission from earnings that you invited.