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But how?. Do you have a art or craft that everyone loves, do you paint?.. do you quilt?.. do you knit?, do pottery?, gardening?, great with woodworking?, flower arranging?, know the secret to creating great dried flowers?, crochet? sew?... Whatever your passion and talent may be, there is most likely someone out there that wants to know more about it, and would love hands on teaching. They would be willing to pay money to learn from you!.

There are two ways to Making quick Money with Crafts

1. Approach a local craft store, and see if they allow teaching after hours in their store. Many arts and craft stores have a back room where you can take lessons, and the store does well because you buy the supplies from them.

Come up with a craft you feel you could teach a few people, and then approach the store manager with your idea. Make a list of supplies the students would need, and see if they can be purchased at that store. You can usually charge per head, and the store manager may take a small percentage, but his goal is usually for the students to buy supplies from him. So in this case, see if you can come up with a art or craft that this craft store can supply all that is needed.

The store usually advertises this class, the price, and what you will need, and depending on the response, will go with your idea. This way if a student learns your craft, he or she is more likely to continue with this craft and buy supplies there even after you have finished teaching. Therefore gaining a new customer. This can be a "win win" for both of you.

2. Teach a class at home. It could be just a one day course, or one evening, or it could be over several weeks, but to make money quick, you can have your students sign up and pay up front for the class.

Come up with a simple art or craft that is not to complicated to teach for your first class, and you can upgrade from there if you enjoy it. If it is over weeks, such as quilting or knitting projects, then try and have a lesson each week.

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They could meet in your living room, or even your garage.. have some refreshments, and make sure you are organized ahead of time. With a finished project to show them, a list of supplies needed, and the dates, and the fee.

Many people love learning a new craft, and have fun mixing with others learning the same thing. You could approach a local craft store and ask them for discounts for any student that buys their supplies through them. This will help the student.

By getting the student to pay up front, you can make money quick, and share your talents, and have fun. A friend of mine goes to a pottery class every Tuesday night. The teacher runs this class out of her garage. She goes every week, and pays as she goes. This gives you an idea that these classes are popular. She pays as she goes, because this teacher does not have "natural end" to her classes, they are ongoing. She has been doing pottery for years, and all the students hope to pick up her talents with weekly classes. My friend looks forward to these classes every week.

Getting the word out, could be as easy as viral email to all your friends, or a notice at the local craft store, or the free local paper. Make sure you have a limit to the size of your class. A number you feel comfortable with. Maybe in the beginning you just want 4 or 5 students, but if you have the room, and the craft is not to hard to teach, you could have more. You just have to decide if you want to make money quick by teaching a "one day" class, or ongoing money with continuous classes.

Make Money Quick Selling Crafts Online

You can also diversify, and try and sell your crafts online through sites like Etsy and Ebay. Or write articles about your crafts, or how to make crafts. If you want to sell your arts and crafts online, then it is best to sell ones that are easy to post. You are more likely to get a sale, if postage is not too high.How to Make Money Quick OnlineCredit:

Articles, will take a bit longer to make money, but are a great passive income, as over time they climb the ranks of Google searches.

But if you need to make money quick, have a garage sale this weekend. But if you need money quick over the next few weeks, then organize a class and teach a craft.

Try to have a few "irons in the fire" by having a few income streams. If arts and crafts are your thing, then:

1. teach a class

2. sell some of your work online

3. write articles about your work

4. start a blog about your art and your classes (with some affiliate links)


You will build up a steady business. Sometimes you have to create lots of little sub titles for your crafts business, or any business for that matter. A bit of this and a bit of that, and although each one may not make much, they are still making, and it all adds up to money in your pocket.

So, sit down with a pad of paper, and decide which you need first with your business. Do you need to make money quick, like right now? Can you work on something for a few weeks? Figure out what your needs and wants are, and then organize your business accordingly.

Once you have satisfied that need for quick money by teaching a class, or selling some of your crafts, then don't just sit back and run with that, move on to other areas, such as selling online, or writing articles, or craft shows, or more. Try different ideas, and you will make money.

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