Ever been jealous of someone who finds money all the time on the ground? Well, if you try recycling scrap metal then you can find money on the ground as well. When I first started this I got some strange looks from people when I first started, but then I thought to myself, "Hey I am making money on trash and they aren't." It is the easiest thing in the world to do. Sometimes it seems like there is so much scrap metal around it just comes to you. Just take a walk down you street or even nearby alley and see if you see any metal being thrown out and snag it. Soda cans are the most common but, bits of wire, hub caps, and all sorts of other metallic objects as well. Each of these items has a certain value like in some cases their value might be small but, remember, it all adds up. When you accumulate, for example, 50 pounds of something, then you're starting to talk about money. For example, if you have 50 pounds of aluminum and the current rate for it is 25 cents a pound then you have about $12 sitting there. Even if it's iron it could be worth 50 or 60 cents. Some of you may be thinking that this is chump change, but just remember this can help pay for that new TV you want or maybe help pay bills.Scrap Metal Pile

Step 1: Where to Find the Metal

When I am talking about finding metal I am not saying to do the hunting by only walking down the street. Just train yourself to keep an eye out for piles of trash that may be ready for pickup day and you will be amazed at what you find lying around. Anything is worth money and to think that you have passed by free money for years. Another great way to find junk would be to look when a bulk throw away day comes. This is when people get their bigger items to toss out so there could be a lot of money just wanting to be plucked off the curb. Some other good places to find some scrap metal are behind local businesses that tend to throw out metal such as plumbers or maybe even home improvement stores. One thing to remember when looking for metal in these places is to make sure that you are not stealing anything at all. Just remember, anything made of metal is worth something to a scrap metal dealer. An often overlooked way of collecting junk is to spread the word around that you are collecting it from people and they might even bring it to you if you are lucky. Metals that are relatively easy to find and turn in are Aluminum, Iron, Steel, and Copper.

Step 2: Storing the Scrap

The best place to store the scrap metal would be in a part of your backyard that is easy to store, so you don't want anyone stealing it, and that is relatively easy spot to get it into your vehicle once you are ready to take it to turn in the metal. Another thing about the pile is that you should probably keep it neat since it will be easy to load into your vehicle and take it into the scrap metal place then would be a messy pile.

Scrap Metal Yard

Step 3: Turning the Metal in for Money

When you think you have enough metal to turn in or maybe enough you could store in your vehicle; I am guessing you want to start turning it in for money. This is super easy to do since all it takes is looking up scrap metal companies online or even in the yellow pages, if anyone ever does that anymore. When you have found some local places you should call them and ask how much they are giving per pound and compare it with the other places you found. Once you have found a place to turn it in just drive up there and get weighed and paid at the metal yard. One final note when looking for a place, stay away from any place that looks sketch and going for the most legit looking place possible.

Final Notes:

That is about it as far as this guide goes. Turning in scrap metal is very popular these days since people are always looking for ways to make some extra cash. It can be a fun hobby to do and you never know, it might turn into a business in the future. Happy hunting.