It is really easy to make money selling aluminum. In fact, it is so easy I really don't know why everyone does not do it. There are so many ways to source aluminum that it makes it one of the easiest ways to make some extra money working part-time!

make money selling aluminum

Things You Will Need

You will want to have a truck preferably, but a van or a large car will also work. It is better to have a vehicle that you don't mind gettng dirty since much of the aluminum you may gather will not be perfectly clean.

Step 1

The key ingredient to making any money by selling aluminum is finding good place to get alumnium to sell. You have to have a source for your alumnium. One of the best places to look for alumnium is within your own home. If you have coke cans, vegetable cans, or any other cans lying around your house you should check to see if they are aluminum. more than likely you have lots of them that you can sell.

Step 2

Once you have exhausted all of the aluminum in your house you will need to find other sources. A great place to start is public trash areas. Most people throw away hundreds of aluminum soda cans per year and you could be sitting on a literal gold mine if you find the right areas to grab aluminum cans from. One man's trash is another man's treasure right? By finding the right source of used soda cans you might be able to make a lot of money simply by selling those.

Step 3

Another great place to find aluminum that is rapidly depleting is in aluminum siding. Almost all new siding is vinyl but many older homes have aluminum siding. if you find someone who is replacing their siding, you can always ask them if you could haul off the old aluminum for free. Aluminum is an extremyl plentiful metal to find and it also has great resale value. Once you find the metal that you want to sell you can simply take it to your local scrap yard and walk away with cash!

Tips & Warnings

Never steal aluminum. This is both illegal and generally not a good idea!