About Stock Photography

Stock photography is a collection or library of photos that can be used by businesses or professionals for print and web ads that needed photos for their businesses or projects such as books, magazines, news, websites, calendars, banners, billboards, calling cards, brochures, packaging, etc. It will be less time consuming for the purchaser and an income for the seller.

Stock Photography


Making money on your photos

There are many sites that pay when you upload, sell and stock your photos on their site.  Note that all of these sites are free to join so you got nothing to lose but on the other hand you will gain from it by turning your hobby into money. So if you love taking pictures and you got many stock photos, here are some of the sites that you might be interested in joining and other ways that you can do with your photo to earn cash.    


Dreamstime is one of the most popular stock photography website to sell not only your photos but also your videos. It caters not only professional photographers but also amateur photographers as well. You got 25-50% commission for each photo you will sell. If it is an exclusive file you will get another 10%. If you are an exclusive contributor, you will receive a 60% revenue share for all your sales and $0.20 additional bonus for each approved submission. You can submit a payment request from the Management Area when your balance reached $100. The level of your image or video rises when it gets downloaded, the higher the level the higher your income will be.      


Fotolia is another stock photography site to sell your photos. Signing up is free and easy. Your earnings range from 20-63%. The currency used in this site is called credits. 1 credit is equivalent to $1.40. You can convert your credit to currency when you reach 50 credits in your account. Your income will be transferred directly into your PayPal or Moneybookers account upon request.


In freedigitalphotos, you will keep 70% of sales revenue from your images.  There is an application process that you will undergo. You must read their contributor guidelines for you to be successful in your application with them and what photos they are looking for.


You can sell photos, vectors/illustrations and videos in Shutterstock. They serve customers for 150 countries and paid over $200 million to their contributors. You can also download a free contributor guide to improve your skills. Your earnings depend on the customer’s Shutterstock plan and the type of file that was downloaded. There is also a referral programs wherein in you can earn by referring contributors and customers to their site.


You must be a member to be able to sell your photo in iStockphoto. Joining is easy and absolutely free. After being accepted, you can apply to be a contributor. You will be given a training manual based on the type of data you are interested in joining. After that you will have to pass a quiz and then submit samples of your work. They also have a referral program, so it is an additional income for you.


Like any other photostock photography website, Alamy has its own rules and regulations. For test submission, you must prepare 4 photos.  You get 50% commission for each sale. You can also sell videos on Alamy.   


You will get 60% of the net selling price if you become a contributor of 123RF.  You just have to register, upload your photos, videos or vectors and if someone downloads your work, you will get paid. You get 25% commission on the first purchase of your referral.  


You will have to sign up to be able to sell in Bigstockphoto. There are also certain rules and regulations to be follow to be able to upload and earn on your photo. Your commission or earnings is not only based on the customer’s selection of payment plan, but also on the size of the file that was downloaded. You can request payment when your earnings reached more than $30. There are three payment options and that is through Paypal, MoneyBookers/Skrill and by U.S. Check. 


Another site that lets you sell your photos and videos online is Crestock.  Your earnings depend on your total number of images sold since joining Crestock.  The more images you sold, the higher the percentage of earnings you get. You can request payment when your earnings reached $50.  Their payment method is PayPal and Skrill (Moneybookers).


Registration is required to be able to sell photos on Canstockphoto. You will fill up an application and you have to submit 3 images. They will review your application and it will be process on the same day you pass your application. You can request for cash out through PayPal when you reach $50 of your earnings and if you want it to be transfer on your Moneybookers account or you want a mailed check, your earnings should be around $100.  

Feature Pics

To become an Author where you can sell your photos on FeaturePics, you must upload at least one image. You will be paid 50% on the photos sold on their site.  You can request payment when your earnings reached $50. 

Some Helpful Tips

Even though almost all of these sites were free to sign up, you must always read and follow the rules when joining these sites, there are certain rules for each of these stock photography sites that you must follow to be able to be accepted and earn royalty.  Make sure that your photos are clear and presentable. You can ask a friends opinion if you are unsure of the quality of your photos, you can also try some photo editing to software to make your photo beautiful.


Upon discussing some of the stock photography sites where you can earn by submitting your photos, try to choose one to three of these sites and see how much you can earn from your stock photos.  It may not get you rich but you will never know if your photos can earn or not if you wouldn’t try it.  Like what I said there is nothing to lose because all of these are free to sign up.