Basically, to put it in the most simplest form, we are buying iPhones at a low price and selling them at a higher price. You can make easily $500-1000 a month selling iPhones on ebay, but it all depends on which iPhone you purchase and how much you pay for each one. Anyone can do this on a part-time basis. It only takes a few minutes a day and you don't have to work to hard to do this.

Things You Will Need

All you are going to need to get started is a computer, internet service, a vehicle, some cash ($100-250), paypal account, ebay account, and a bank account.

Okay, so when it come to a computer, you really don't need anything fancy, just something that has decent memory (1GB). I have an old 2003 dell computer that still runs great.

For your internet service now these days a lot of people have a DSL connection or a cable connection either of those works great.

You will need a vehicle to pick up the iPhone that you buy from the seller. Why? Because you will be buying the iPhones from your local ads.

Obviously the cash is for you to buy the iPhones that you will be re-selling on eBay. Typically I get an iPhone 3G 8GB for around $200-250 it all depends on how much he has listed the phone for and how much he is willing to negotiate. I tried selling an iPhone on just to see how long it would take me to sell it, and it was not in such demand on craiglist as it is on eBay.

Setting up the paypal account and eBay account is simple. Just make sure that you do have a Bank account and you have a credit or debit card available when you are registering.

Okay so this is how my process works. Everyday when I wake up I check the craigslist cellphone ads page. I normally just type "iPhone" because that is what I want to buy to re-sell on ebay right? I do it three times a day to make sure that I can find one with the right price. As soon as I find one I contact this person and ask detail of the condition of the phone. Normally they have a price listed. After I make the decision to purchase this phone I will ask them "how firm are you on the price?" If they say they will deal with me I let them give me an offer first. If I like the offer I don't waste my time trying to hassle the price lower I want them to be happy with the sale too.

Next part is jailbraking the iPhone and Unlocking it. The reason for this; It sells for more money like this. Some of the newer iPhones will not unlock but they will jailbreak. You can find out how to do this on youtube, simply why looking for "how to jailbreak iphone 3g or 3gs?" whatever phone so do purchase. I find it that buying the 3gs is more expensive but you will make more money. For an iPhone 3gs you can pay around $450 and sell it for $650-700 unlocked. Not a bad deal if you sell 4 of these a month that is $800 profit.

Also just make sure that when you post the iPhone on eBay you take good pictures of it, and you explain exactly all of your policies. I find it best to specify that you are not a business and you don't accept returns. All sales are final is what I use. Do not make it free shipping. People that are buying the iPhones could live anywhere in the world and that could take a chunk of your profits per phone. Make you are honest and you do send the iPhone well packages and with delivery confirmation or signature confirmation for security.
So is pretty simple I hope you understand how it works. As I said you buy cheap and sell high. Once you sell one iPhone you can buy two at a time and so on until you have some cash flow and you can be buying and selling more than one iPhone at a time.

Tips & Warnings

Please don't be to greedy when you are buying the iPhones on Think about it this way, would you sell your iPhone to someone knowing he was going to make more money from it? Probably not, so if you are getting a good price don't try to hassle the price just give him what he is asking if you know that it is selling on eBay for a much higher price. I sometimes find other things to re-sell on eBay through craigslist, but nothing makes more money than the iPhones. It's a HOT market! Good luck and make a ton!