Make money stuffing envelopes from home. It sounds like perfect easy work you can do from your home office right? Work in your spare time with your jammies and fuzzy slippers on right? Wrong, most of the time anyway.

At worst stuffing envelopes is one of the longest standing scams out there for work from home offers anywhere. You send your cash for more information, usually $1 to $10 and what do you get back? A single detailed sheet telling you how to place ads and scam others like you have just been scammed yourself. Nice, a self perpetuating cycle isn't it?

The truth is that this envelope stuffing work from home scheme will not make you any money, and is a highly questionable business model to boot. So are there any legitimate stuffing envelope jobs out there really? Sure there are. You will make money, although the work will likely be contracted and found by you personally. Here is what you need to know about making money fast from home stuffing envelopes.

Small business are in a pinch with the current economy, and looking for all kinds of ways to promote themselves for cheap. Hiring regular employees is risky business at best, so contractors are the way to go. Contact businesses found with good old fashioned cold calls and emails are the cheapest way to find a legitimate envelope stuffing job. Offer to do odd secretarial skills and envelope stuffing for them or promote via email fliers online.

Will you get work? You will, and being open to taking whatever offer they make to you if the price is right is good practice to gaining future employment.

How many businesses should you contact daily? I plan to keep calling until I get a job, or several lined up. Work is a bit erratic, so you can plan on taking many customers at once and over time you will have a regular part time business started. I usually end up getting a new client every 100-200 calls I make or there about. If the business says no, simply thank them for their time, and ask if they know of anyone who is in the market for similar services. Be prepared to email them your contact information and politely ask for them to consider you in the future should their needs change.

You will be surprised the number of requests you may get for odd office help or occasional work. I usually get several requests a week for jobs different than envelope stuffing, but often have customers return if I do a good job for them.

Can you make money stuffing envelopes from home for cash? Sure you can. But, thinking outside the box is the way to achieve your goals when working from home, not getting scammed or becoming a scammer yourself.