How to Earn Extra Money From Online Surveys

People always tune off whenever they read about the possibility of making money by taking online surveys. Their rTime Management(111238)eason is that surveys pay so little and therefore is a waste of their time. It is true that you don’t get a whole lot of money from surveys, but considering the amount of time you put in I think online surveys rewards you well. I have compiled my earnings from different survey sites over the past one year and the amount of time I invested into each survey. You can take a look at this statistics; it will help you decide if online surveys are worth your time.


I have to mention that you won’t make a living out of online surveys. But you can make residual cash online during half times of sports games, commercial breaks on television shows.

My Tips


-Register with many survey websites. Make sure you read reviews about them before you commit. The more more companies you are part of, the more surveys you will be able to complete.

-Never pay upfront to participate in surveys. Some companies my require you to pay before taking surveys. To be on the safe side avoid joining such websites.

-Check your email and survey sites frequently to see available surveys.

-Add the email addresses of the survey sites you are part of to your address book. This ensures survey invitation emails don`t end up in your spam folder.

- Take surveys as they come. When you get a notification try as much as you can to complete the survey in a day or two. Most surveys have deadlines, while others are closed as soon as their qouta is filled.

-Don’t expect too much at first. If your expectations are very high, you will get frustrated and disinterested when you don’t see great results.

-Work on not getting disqualified from surveys. Often times innovators are screened out of surveys by this question;“Does anyone in your household work for any of these industries?” I always tick none because I don’t bring in sentiments when taking surveys. 



Brand Institute


Amount Earned: $270

Number surveys invited: 28

Number of surveys completed:18

Time spent: 30 minutes per survey (9 hours)


If you worked for 6 hours in on a job that paid you the minimum wage you will earn around $60. If you attain a VIP status on Brand Institute you could even earn more as much as $2,275 yearly from referrals alone. They pay you $5 for each study that a non-medical respondent complete and $10 for each study that a medical professional completes.


Web Perspectives


Amount Earned: $300

Number of Surveys: 75

Time spent: 16 hours + 1 hour telephone survey (earned 100 dollars)


Again, if you worked for 17 hours in on a job that paid you the minimum wage will earn around $170.


Survey Head


Amount Earned: $75

Number of Surveys: 31

Time Spent: not available




Amount Earned: $75

Number of Surveys: Not available

Time Spent: not available

Earnings from other Survey Websites


Amount Earned: $560


As you have seen, I earned $1280 from online surveys in the past on year. I think this is a decent amount, considering the fact that I was inactive for 2 months (I didn’t take any survey).