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This article is a follow-up to my previous article "Make Money With Fiverr". I will be building this one off where that one left off.

So, a constant question I find looming around the internet is "how do I make money online?" Many of us seek out articles, some fairly popular ones found in a search on Google; yet others delve deeper in hopes of finding some easy online money making secrets. As far as I am concerned, the biggest secret a majority of online money makers can learn is that there is no such thing as making money overnight. However, there are tools at our disposal which can allow us to build a small money making empire without much effort. I have personally found myself using because it seems to be the most effective way that I can personally make extra money while using the internet. I do not have the extra time in my schedule to work on some large business plan, nor do I have the energy and man-power to do so as well. This feeling may very well be the same sensation many others seem to feel. Making money online is not always about getting rich, but rather about aiding ourselves in just getting by.

For those who are unaware, I am a college student myself; and I attempt to do the best I can at being responsible and managing my money effectively. I am not a professional by any means, however I have managed my money fairly successfully up to this point; and I have learned how to make money using the internet without costing myself a dime. Many other individuals in my situation will very likely be wondering, "How do I make money online." To that I am now able to respond, "I know how to do it, you will just have to listen to me rant for a few minutes then you will know how too!"

First, let me begin by expressing my feelings as to why Fiverr is a great website; and an even better location for making money.

1). The price on Fiverr is set at $5 dollars per service/product offered.

In most markets, the seller has the opportunity to price every product and service being offered. In many scenarios this is a good thing, however Fiverr is unique because buyers are able to browse various gigs and they already know the price without even clicking to see further information about the product. This is important to someone looking to make money because you do not have to worry about setting price points. Rather, your primary concern will be on providing quality products.

2). Buyers have the opportunity to make off like a "bandit."

Because everything is set at a $5 dollar fee, there are undoubtedly individuals who are willing to do a lot for five dollars. At times, it borders on amazing what people are willing to do. As some may know, I am a musician; and just recently I paid a seller five dollars to record a violin section for a song I had recorded. A few weeks ago I received the file, and it was on par with $300 dollar recordings I have heard from other artists.

While I would not advise to undercut your work, it is easy to see why Fiverr can be a fantastic haven for finding unique products and services; without having to worry about some heinous cost.

3). Fiverr is a haven for marketing and outsourcing article writing and so on.

My primary gig that I offer, which has received over 30 orders and positive reviews, is based around leaving quality comments on buyer's blogs. I have had many return buyers simply because the work I provide is on a level that is beyond $5 dollars. In addition to my own first-hand experience with marketing and writing, I have seen on numerous occasions gigs that will allow your website to be seen by thousands of individuals; and even some articles that provide unique article writing for your blog or website. This can come in handy because it will undoubtedly provide your website with viewers, and on the latter, with potentially a lot of unique content for a bare minimum price.


While there are many other reasons why I like Fiverr, these are the ones that rank highest in my own mind. Now, let me reflect on the question, "How do I make money on Fiverr?"

1). Provide a unique service or product.

This one should be obvious. All businesses or product selling strategies involve the need to make yourself unique amongst so many other sellers. It is, of course, possible to sell products that are similar to other sellers; however if you do it better than someone else, or minimally are just easier to work with in general, than seeing an increase in sales will come very naturally.

2). Show interest in your buyers needs.

I have done this on many occasions. It is simply in my personality to be relatively friendly and helpful as I am providing my services. For some individuals, this translates into being a con-artist of sorts and selling mediocre products to individuals who are easy to take advantage. This is not an ethical practice and should be heavily frowned upon in any business. I would advise that you try and be genuinely interested in your customer. It is because of this that I have found many return buyers of my gigs on Fiverr. A few individuals have even order 3 or 4 times, which adds up even if you are not receiving a lot of unique buyer orders.

3). Do not expect an immediate turn-around on Fiverr.

So frequently with online money making ventures, people expect they will become instantaneous millionares. For most individuals, this is simply not the case. Doing work on Fiverr is a great method of making some extra money (I make about $100 dollars a month from Fiverr alone). However, it requires some minimal time and energy (it is work, afterall). And since things are priced at $5 dollars, even the best sellers on their website have only made $1,000 - $2,000 dollars. With that said, those are not bad figures by any means; and I am sure many people would like to make some realistic extra money as I (and many others) have been able to do.