How to make money using YouTube is a popular question as everyone likes the idea of making videos for fun, profit and to do something they really enjoy. Making money using YouTube is actually fairly uncomplicated – thanks to YouTube opening up its partnership program to anyone and everyone. If you want to make money on YouTube then I’m presenting this quick guide to getting started, making videos and getting money on the third largest website in the world!

How To Make Money Using YouTube – Getting Started

Ok the first thing you’ll need to do is set up a YouTube account. When you are choosing an account name try and think of something that is related to the kinds of videos you want to create – gaming, technology, cookery – whatever is most suitable to the kinds of videos you create. You can always set up another YouTube Channel when you’ve exhausted what you want to do with the first. When you’re setting up your channel spend some time on the following things

  1. A good description of your channelMoney on YouTubeCredit:
  2. A nice Design

These two things will make your channel look good and help it to rank in the search engines. It will also make it easier for your subscribers and commenters to interact with your channel and videos.

The second thing you need to do is sort out your software for editing videos and your hardware for recording them. Now these days you can use your smartphone camera if it’s a high enough quality to record most videos. This is a great way to get started but if you start doing well I’d recommend investing in a reasonably priced video camera in order to deliver higher quality videos – this really does make a difference! In terms of software you can use windows movie maker or macs editing software. This is a great place to start but once you progress I’d recommend using proper movie making software. If you want to record what’s happening on your screen (for gaming, computer how to’s etc) then you’ll want something like Camstudio (free) to record what goes on on your screen. Later you can improve this with other better programs like Camtasia.

Ok once you’ve finished that aspect of using YouTube it’s time to sort out your first roll of videos.

How to Make Money Using YouTube – Creating Videos

Video For YouTubeCredit: videos is, obviously, the most important step with making money with YouTube. Before you start actually making videos you want to think of the kind of videos you want to create – as it’s better to keep one topic in one section. I’ve provided a list of videos that will work well on YouTube if you want to make money;

How to’s, Product Review, Gaming Content, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Comedy.

There are loads of other great niches but these always work really well for advertising and are fairly easy to get views from. People are always searching for How To’s online and you can make how to videos on everything from computer gaming to arts and crafts. Product reviews give you an easy way to showcase the benefits of particular products and attract a lot of views. Gaming content is always incredibly popular from reviews and news to walkthroughs. Lifestyle and hobbies cover a huge range of things from how to dress to how to play the drums; if you’ve got a hobby then YouTube videos are a great way to make a little money back from your hobby – whether you are giving lessons or reviews. Finally comedy is always popular and if you are funny or can film funny things you can make a lot of money – the best video bloggers are the ones who are funny and get millions of views which = lots of money!

Once you’ve got some ideas on what you’d like to make in terms of videos write a list of all the videos you would think of creating. For example, if I was going to start a YouTube channel on Cycling  you might come up with an initial list of videos something like this

-        How to repair a tire puncture

-        How to replace a bike chain

-        How to fix squeaky breaks

-        What is the best off road bike

-        What is the best on road bike

-        Where is the best place to cycle In the world

These are just some general ideas that you’d be able to expand on but they form the basis of our research. Once you have a few ideas start making your videos. When it comes around to uploading them you have a few things you’ll want to do.

Firstly, You want to research what the title should be. I’d recommend using the free Google adwords program to see what people are searching for and then use one of the keywords as a title. All you do is type in your idea for the title and adwords will give you some related terms people are searching for. (You need to sign up with a Google account for monetising your account anyway!)

Secondly, With your keywords fill out your description. I try to aim for at least 150 words here so that you give people a clear idea of what your video is. At the same time insert your title keyword and at the end make sure you add a thank you with a call to action. Something like “Thanks for watching please comment and subscribe if you want more information on bicycles!”

Thirdly, Fill in all the relevant tags you can think of starting with your video title, followed by all the variations of it you can think of and additional related keywords like bicycles, cycling etc.

Ok once you have 5-10 videos uploaded you should share them with your friends and try and get a few views and subscribers to your channel. This will make things a little bit better when we get onto step 3.

How to Make Money With YouTube – Monetising your videos

Monetising your videos is actually fairly easy. Once you have a few videos uploaded and a few views under your belt you’ll probably get an invite sent to your email asking if you’d like to monetise. Alternatively check your admin page and check to get your videos monetised. All you need to do is set up a Google AdSense account and link it to your videos. Then select the monetisation options you want for each video. I’d recommend adding in stream and overlay ads so that you can maximise your revenue. You’ll tend to average about 5 cents per ad watched which can add up quickly over a large channel. If you can’t get monetisation approval yet don’t worry – just keep making great videos and you’ll be there in no time.

How to Make Money Using YouTube – Growing your subscriber list and views

Once you’ve got your channel up and off the ground you’re going to want to concentrate on Channel SubscribersCredit: more views and more subscribers – as well as making great new content of course. Easy places to start are with friends and family and you will pick up new subscribers and plenty of views just by creating great content. However, there are some other great ways to increase your audience worth exploring.

Firstly, start talking to and connecting with other YouTubers in your niche. Share videos with each other and comment on their videos to help each of you gain exposure. Talk with the community and promote each other’s work as much as possible – this shows you have skills and knowledge in the field so people will come to you for information.

Secondly, consider other things you can do around your YouTube channel to engage readers and promote your work. Some good ideas here are to start a blog or write articles for places like InfoBarrel. If you sign up for InfoBarrel you can write articles on topics related to your YouTube channel and add your videos into your articles or links too them. Revenue Sharing websites like InfoBarrel are a great way to grow your channel and your exposure; and also gives you even more opportunities to make money from Google’s AdSense program.

There are loads of great ways to grow your channel and your views and you should try lots of different things to find the best methods for how to make money using YouTube.