If you are interested in how to make money while at university, then 'Well-Done' (!) you have come to the right place. But first a word of warning -- the following article is not a list of traditional (e.g. go set up a tutoring service, sell cupcakes on the street etc.) methods to make money at university by any means, and if you are looking for so -- please go elsewhere. This a form of making money on-the-side that requires a lot of hard work and patience but has the potential to literally change your income and life forever (Don't believe me? Then please read on) -- through making a decent online passive income.

Sounds good, but wait before we go on, what is passive income?

I am glad you asked :). This is a principle that you need to fully comprehend, in order for you to be successful at making a decent online passive income. A traditional income is earned through being paid for your time e.g. the £6 per hour etc. a passive income is quite different, they are earnings received regularly with no additional required effort to gain it.

Passive Income Through Renting Out Houses

The best example I can give is to think of real estate, if you buy a house, and start renting it out, the income you receive from the rent can be classed as passive income, as no effort on your behalf goes into the income you received from the house -- the tenant is simply paying you to live in the house, you are free to do as you please (try to disregard factors such as check ups etc.). You can then build your passive income by buying/building more and more houses and renting more and more of them out, to receive more and more money without really a need for you to do anything. 

E.g. 1 house provides you with $800 a month. 2 houses provides you with $800 + $800 = $1600 a month. 3 houses provides you with $800 + $800 + $800 = $2400 a month etc.

(To gain a full comprehension of passive income, I highly recommend you delve into both Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Four Hour Work Week -- which is more specific towards passive income and the internet -- Amazing and highly regarded books.)

So the concept of passive income is the way of earning that I am going to present to you here with InfoBarrel.

Hang on, what's InfoBarrel and how does it relate to passive income :s?

OK. InfoBarrel, is a writing platform that is completely free to join and sign up, that allows you to produce articles on almost any topic you are interested in, from your actual degree subject to product reviews -- literally anything but fantasy. You make the earnings through the actual articles you write. Think of it like, with each article you write you are building a house that can make money for you by receiving rent, but instead of rent you receive money via two main routes. Route one: Advertising from Adsense. Route two: Affiliate links a commission from sales e.g. you link to a product such as a book like I did above with Rich Dad Poor Dad, you then receive up to 10% of the sale for anyone buying it through your link. Both are really easily integrated and explained once you have signed up to InfoBarrel, so you don't need to worry about the complexities of it all.

Passive Income Through Writing Articles on InfoBarrel

1 article provides you with $0.8 a month, 10 articles provide you with $8 a month, 100 articles provide you with $80 a month, 1000 articles provides you with $800 a month. (Numbers are examples and used for demonstration).

So the idea is .. the better the article you write -- the better the house you have built, and the more income you will receive from that particular article -- a better house deserves a better rent. The more articles (houses) you produce and have the more sources of passive income you have, the more passive income you can receive. You can view from the performance reports that some InfoBarrel users on make over $3000 a month, namely JCmayer777 (if you are from the UK, don't worry it simply gets converted in to pounds), and literally doesn't have to do anything to sustain it. They are free to do whatever they please, whereas many would have to regularly work a 9-5 shift 50 weeks of the year. Whereas they are provided with the option, they can go to work if they so wish, but they can also stay at home and read a book -- the idea is to provide you with freedom and with that comes options!

Once you have signed up, you are in charge, you are essentially your own boss ,you decide your work hours, you can be as flexible and as hard working as you want, you can essentially decide your own pay -- all that is required of you is a computer with access to the internet and you are ready to go.

How do I start? 

Three steps really..

1. Sign Up

2. Set Up Your Advetisment Profile (trust me it is a whole lot easier than it sounds)

3. Build Your Houses (write articles)

If you have any questions about this rather untraditional method of how to make money while at university, then please shoot them in the comments box below, I promise to respond as soon as possible.