There are many ways you can learn how to make money with Amazon affiliate sites but most people go about it the wrong way. Affiliate marketing is a tough business and it takes time, effort, and dedication to make it work for you. People start a site and think that the money from Amazon will just pour in and they’ll get rich. In the marketing world online this just doesn’t occur.

In this article we’ll examine some things you can do to make your Amazon affiliate site work for you and bring in more money from your affiliate links. If you take the time and effort to do it the right way you’ll make more sales and have a nice steady stream of income coming into your affiliate site.

Your Amazon Affiliate Site Must Have Content

Before you even join the Amazon program you should make sure that your site has a decent amount of quality content. You want your visitors to keep coming back to your site and viewing your pages. If you don’t have something they can use, you won’t get any repeat business and Amazon clicks. In many cases it’s that second or third visit where someone clicks on a link and views a product, not the first. If you have good content your visitor is going to stay on the site, which in turn will increase the chances that you get an Amazon affiliate sale and make money. It doesn’t matter whether you have a website or a blog you need that content to generate interest and bring in those sales.

Avoid Affiliate Banner Farms and Junk Sites

Look around the Internet and you’ll find a ton of junk affiliate sites that are trying desperately to get sales in all the wrong ways. One of the most glaring mistakes people make is to create what is called a “banner” farm. These sites are so full of advertising that a person can’t find anything of quality on the site and the distraction of all the advertisements soon causes the user to click away from the site, never to return. A site that lays on the Amazon affiliate links and banners just won’t work in the long run. While you may get a sale or two you won’t get the repeat business which is what you want. You need to keep the advertising to a minimum but instead work the links into your content.

Affiliate Site Content That Works

One of the easiest ways to generate more affiliate sales is to review a product on your website and get your visitors interest in the product. It’s even better if you have actually used the product yourself but you can gather opinions on the product for the Amazon feedback you’ll find on each product on their site. This can be a valuable tool in creating your review.  Text links to the product will work best and you might want to include a picture too. You don’t want to spam the link in your review just make it natural and link once or twice to the Amazon product you’re trying to sell. If it’s a book you could recommend similar books below your main review. The same could be done for electronics or other items to generate clicks and potential sales.

Sell Popular Items

Amazon has a feature where you can find the best sellers in various categories. On your site you should make good use of these bestselling products and make advertisements and reviews of these products as much as possible. You can change the advertisements as products go in and out of fashion. Capitalizing on a trend quickly can ramp up your affiliate sales in a dramatic way. If there’s a hot product out there you need to be advertising it, as long as it matches your site content.  To succeed as an affiliate you need to keep pace with the trends and apply them to your site as soon as they’re available by Amazon.

You Can Make Amazon Affiliate Sales

Of course traffic to your site is important too but that’s a whole other article in itself.  Be sure to provide the best content possible for your website visitors and keep the obvious advertising to a minimum. Make more sales but weaving your advertisements into your site in the form of reviews or recommendations. Make more sales by focusing on products that are popular, trendy, and in demand.  Make a site that people will want to visit and you’ll see more Amazon affiliate sales.