It's really cool when you use something like free article marketing to promote your products. For a few reasons that go without saying, article marketing is the longest standing form of marketing online. And free article marketing is just that, totally free - save for the time it takes you to actually write the article.

The thing with articles is that in order to make any big successes, you're going to need to actually write tons of stuff. That's one drawback of being a content marketer.

Though one of the really cool thing that outweighs that, is that if you're a content marketer, you're also building your entire business on the pillar approaches that constantly give traffic. Once the work is done, you get paid on it over and over again.

So How Do You Make Money from Free Article Marketing?

Well, it's pretty simple.You write an article, preferablly a short article usually between 400-700 words and then you submit it to an article directory. Places or even places like here at can work.

Once the article is approved into their directories, some directories like Ezinearticles allow publishers to take your article and use it on their websites. When that happens they have to actually use your links and resource box in order to use that article.

Which, similar to forum marketing, is where you make the money in free article marketing. That is, with the resource box.

A resource box usually allows you to put 2 self-serving links in your articles. This can lead to either a capture-page or to a blog. In my preference, I suggest actually using both.

When people click on these resource links, they will be drawn to whatever your offer is. Always makes sure that you're capturing their names and emails though for your mailing list. The reasoning being that you can then market to them over a period of time, as well as introduce them to new opportunities or products when the time comes or when you run into them.

There you have it! The easy guide for making money with free article marketing!