How to Make Money on InfoBarrel

In this article How to make money with InfoBarrel you’ll learn the basic steps you need to take as a new writer to be successful here. InfoBarrel is one of the best writing sites online and has an excellent community of writers willing to help you succeed online with your written work. For a new online writer this site might seem overwhelming so I hope to help you understand things a bit better.

Another part that makes InfoBarrel a fantastic place for your writing is the very helpful administration. The people that run InfoBarrel are here to help you and will answer any questions you might have. Please note that they are busy running the site so they might not get to you right away. If you have a quick question come to the forums where the helpful writers here will try and give you the answers you seek.

Approval Process

Once you join the site and begin writing you’re first ten articles will need to be approved by the administration. This is done because the site wants high-quality material that is easy to understand and unique. Don’t bother trying to spin articles full of nonsense from spinners because that won’t work here.  If you want to reference passages, there’s a bibliography section when you create your article for that purpose. Feel free to add images, video, and maps which are new. Make sure you have permission to use any pictures and video in your articles. You can find many free images online for your articles.  Once your ten articles are approved you will reach approval stage and each new article will automatically be published. You’ll still have to keep producing great content for the site as you write more articles.

My Article Was Denied

Your article can be denied for several reasons. The writing just might be of poor quality so check your spelling and how the article reads. You can’t promote or sell anything in your articles so make sure your writing isn’t a pitch. You can have two self-serving links in your articles from affiliates such as Amazon but they must be natural and a part of the article. Saying buy now,” or “click here,” isn’t allowed on the site.  The administration will tell you why the article was denied and you can work on correcting it.  Once you get used to the writing process here you will be approved in no time. Make sure you write good quality articles to get approved. 

Making Money

You can make money here a few different ways including:

  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Google AdSense
  • Chitika Advertising
  • Other Affiliates in your signature

You’ll need to sign up for these programs to use them. The approval process for AdSense can take time. To speed it up open up your own free blog on Google Blogger, make a few posts, and then reapply if you’re denied for the program here.  Amazon and Chitika are easy to be approved for and won’t take anytime at all. There are plenty of in-depth articles on the site that go into further detail to help you with making money. You will need some content on the site before you start to see any revenues. Don’t write ten articles and then disappear, you need to keep creating content on the site. The more you write the easier it will be to make extra money.  You should plan on producing 50-150 articles before you start to see any money from the site. This may happen sooner but as a general rule you’ll need some content first. Some people here are making a great income just writing simple articles and you can do it too. If you create good content that people want to read you’ll make money, it just takes time.

Improving Your Income

As you write here you’ll want to try some SEO articles or search engine optimization. I won’t go into this in too much detail because it’s a full article in itself.   You’ll need to write topics around a keyword or keyword phrase such as “How to Change a Tire,” or Great Cake Recipes for Beginners.” You can use tools such as Google Adwords and many other to help you find keywords to write about. Search the site for the many articles on SEO which will help you with this when you’re ready to move forward with your writing.  Posting similar articles on blogs and article directories with a link back to your article here will also help improve your income.

What To Write About

You can write on many topics here except for short stories and other creative writing. This many of course change in the future. Try to write about topics that other people will be interested in so they find your work.  Write about thing you know too such as gardening, playing music, marketing, or any other topic you feel will bring traffic to your writing. Some suggestions are how-to topics, best of, top lists, product reviews, and other informative articles. This way you can link to Amazon products and improve your overall income.  You an also write about whatever you like you don’t have to follow these suggestions. Maybe you like history, or cultures, or other topics. These are all perfectly fine to write about here. 

Write and Earn

Enjoy InfoBarrel and writing for the site. Just remember that you’ll have to produce a great deal of content before you start to have success here. Continue to learn by visiting the forums and talking to the writers on the site. As you write you’ll even earn fun badges that you’ll find on your profile. These will give you incentive to keep pushing forward towards that next badge. Once you have a decent portfolio here keep writing and the results will come. Visit the blog and read some of the wonderful success stories here on InfoBarrel. Keep writing and keep earning. Good luck with your writing career on this site.