Squidoo is a good site for Infobarrel authors

Infobarrel authors may find that Squidoo is useful for backlink purposes. It is also a revenue site that can earn money for members. Unlike Infobarrel, the revenue payment system is rather unusual. Individual user actions, such as clicks, do not directly credit a Squidoo author but rather revenue earned by articles is pooled and later paid via a distribution program.

At the end of each month, all revenue earned by the Squidoo pool is divided amongst members according to the relative importance of each article. Squidoo establishes a list of all articles numbered from 1 to the number of articles now hosted on the site. Number 1 signifies the best article while number 100,000 is substantially less important. The actual rating mechanism is a secret but it weighs the number of viewers, user participation on an article and sales generated by the article.

Most Infobarrel authors use Squidoo for backlink purposes. An article on Squidoo can reference an Infobarrel article with up to 9 links. The traffic generated through linking will bring viewers to Infobarrel which may result in both revenue for the author and a boost in search engine ranking for the Infobarrel article.

Squidoo members may like to follow an established set of guidelines that show beginners how to make money on Squidoo. These tips are very general and they represent a number of methods that Squidoo experts use to focus user actions. By following the tips, authors may find that there Squidoo articles perform better. This is concurrent with the value of the articles for Infobarrel backlink purposes. Using the double goal of Squidoo revenue and backlinking, authors should find that their overall content portfolio is improved.

When publishing on Squidoo, like other sites, authors should publish work of high quality. Spelling and other language mistakes should be avoided. Proper editing is advised. Authors should be aware that spell check programs are sometimes unable to catch all errors. Synonyms such as "their" and "there" will often not be flagged by a computer. A personal review may be much better.

Squidoo articles can have Amazon modules added. These may highlight a single product or a list of choices. Each article should have at least one such module. Users have come to expect this as a Squidoo trait. The Amazon modules should be modified to change the default action. Often authors use the module to include products, the choice of which is left to Amazon. Authors should take time to customize their module to include their own products. This ensures that the module has relevance to the topic of the article. It also eliminates the chance of displaying duplicate products in a module.

Because Squidoo articles are partially ranked by user participation, each should include several modules that invite user actions. As mentioned, a comment module should be in every article. Other useful modules include the poll and quiz types. Polls allow the author to accept yes and no responses to a question along with an additional user comment area. The question should be specific to the article topic. An article about London might include a poll question such as "Have you ever been to London?". Users will often click yes or no and some may leave a comment. These actions help the article move up in the Squidoo ranking.

Quiz modules are similar in that they invite user actions. The author establishes questions with a list of two or more answer choices. An article about London might include a question such as "Where are the monarch's crown jewels stored?". The list of answers might be "Buckingham Palace", "Westminister Abbey", "The Tower of London". Viewers who pick "The Tower of London" would be told that they answered correctly. A quiz such as this boosts user involvement and the time that each viewer remains on the article. These are excellent qualities of a web page to improve.

Squidoo allows a maximum of 9 links to a particular Internet domain in each article. You may take advantage of this by linking your article to 9 different Infobarrel titles. You could also link several times to the Infobarrel article. If your article viewer clicks on your backlink, that action is recorded as a positive event on Squidoo which boosts your article's value. This a fact despite the user action not actually generating any real money.

A companion site called SquidU exists to help authors boost their Squidoo content. The site operates as a standard forum. There are several topic boards that allow opportunities for authors to link to their articles. One section invites authors to submit their work for general review by the membership community. Experts kindly give of their time to explain how the article might be improved. Another forum accepts questions that may pertain to problems that authors are having. SquidU is a very useful site for Squidoo. Unfortunately, the importance of the site was reduced recently due to a system change. A direct link to the site was removed from the general user control panel. The site is still very useful but it has diminished since the change.

Many Squidoo users have found that a Twitter module can be helpful for traffic building purposes. An article about London might have a linked Twitter module that monitors current tweets pertaining to London or an area within the city. The actual code of the article is updated regularly to automatically include the Twitter information. This has the effect of making the article look like it is being modified frequently, a point that is favored by many modern search engines.

Once you have joined Squidoo, you may find that earning merit points and trophies is a fun exercise. These do not earn any money but they do increase the prominence of your account. Each member starts at level 1. By earning points, you quickly move up in levels. Despite these not earning money, the increased levels have an indirect benefit. As a higher level user, your actions on the site are viewed favorably by the other site users. If you visit another article and comment, your high level account action will be appreciated by the other author. They may quickly visit your own articles, resulting in increased importance to your portfolio. Of course they may see your Infobarrel backlink as well which could help your entire revenue earning prospects.