About Elance

Elance is a staffing site wherein freelancers can find jobs based on their skills and clients can find workers that fit their requirements on the jobs they posted.  There are many jobs available in Elance and there are 12 categories you can choose from namely: IT Web and Mobile, Data Science, Design and Multimedia, Writers, Translators, Office and Admins, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, Engineering and Architecture, Finance and Management, Legal and Project Management.  They have over 25,000 jobs posted weekly.   


Elance is not just for people who wanted to search for a job, but it is also for clients or businesses who wanted to hire freelancers to finish their work or project. 

What to do

To be able to enjoy the features of the site and a chance to be hired in Elance, you must sign up to their site.  Don’t worry; joining Elance is absolutely free.  Create your profile and buildup yourself.  If you have samples of your work, you can upload it on your profile, by doing so you get a higher chance of getting hired by a client if they see your work.

When your membership is confirmed, you now have the chance to access the jobs available online.  Find work that fits your skills; promote yourself to get easily hired.     

There is a limit on the number of jobs you can apply in Elance just like in oDesk.

There are two job types in Elance, the hourly rate which is the more secured one and the fixed rate jobs.  The minimum hourly rate you can bid in Elance is $3.00.  You will get paid each week.  They use the Elance Tracker Tool to know how many hours you will bill your client. In fixed rate jobs, your minimum bid is $20.  For fixed rate job, you and your client will decide when your payment should be made. 


What Elance gain?

Eventhough Elance is free to join, Elance charge additional 8.75% service fee to the price you quote for a job.  So that is how Elance continue their services online.  They gain with the additional service fee for the price you quote when you get hired and get paid by your client.   

Payment methods

Your earnings accrue in your account until you decided to withdraw them.  To be able to withdraw your earnings, you must add a withdrawal method to Elance.  When your withdrawal method has been added, you can now request withdrawals at any time you want it.

For international members, they have safe, fast and low cost withdrawals. They have five types of withdrawal methods namely: Local Currency Transfer, USD Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer and Skrill.  Most of the times local currency transfer is the best option for international workers because it has low fees compared with other withdrawal methods. 

For US members, they also offer lower and flexible methods to receive payment quickly.  The four methods are ACH, Check, PayPal and Payoneer.  The best option is ACH for U.S. members because it offers free and rapid access to funds that are deposited directly in member’s bank account within two business days.  

Referral Program

Share your experience in Elance with your friends and other people. If you refer a client and your referral made a payment of $10, you will also get $10 as an incentive.  You will get 10 bonus connect if you refer a freelancer and your referral registered, verified their email and phone number, and they take the Elance Pledge.  Your referral will also receive a 10 bonus connect as a gift from you.

You can share by Facebook, Tweeter, Google Plus and E-mail using their tools or you can get a link to share with the world. 

Affiliate Program

In order to become an Affiliate Partner of Elance, you have to register and submit a short application form.  You can place on your website the banner ads and text links when your application is approved.

You will get paid when a visitor of your site sign up as an employer and post a job.  The job post must be $100 above to receive a commission.  Commission is based upon the jobs they posted. You will also get paid when a visitor of your site sign up as a freelancer. 

The three payment methods with this program are wire, check and Paypal.   Your payment will be given on the 10th day of each month for your previous month’s referral.  The minimum amount for withdrawal is $100 for wire transfer and check payment. 

Some Helpful Tips

  • Apply for jobs that you know you can do, do not apply for jobs that you do not have knowledge about.  Your client might give you negative feedback if you disappoint them and that will reflect on your profile and lose the chances of getting hired again by other clients and rehired by your former clients.
  • Do not copy and paste your application, Elance gives warning for those workers who copy and paste their application letters. There are also instances that clients reports you with Elance if they find that you do not read their job instructions well, so to keep it safe, before applying for a job, read carefully the job instructions posted.
  • Be honest.  Do not scam your client especially if it is an hourly rate, billed them with just the work you have done for them.
  • Give suggestions if it is needed, to make the project successful.
  • Keep your clients updated on your work if you did not finish it so that you will not keep them hanging on what you have already finished working.
  • Be careful when you apply for a fixed rate jobs, you can ask for an upfront payment especially if the client do not have any feedback from their hired workers. Sometimes there are clients who just scam their workers.


Elance is another way wherein you can make money online by working as a freelancer. Eventhough not all are lucky to land a job, you may also try to find your luck in this site since joining is absolutely free.