About Infobarrel

Infobarrel is a free online writing site that was launched in beta form on July 21, 2008. It is founded by the Marketing Director Ryan McKenzie and the Software Engineer Kevin Hinton.  These two experienced professionals collaborated to produce an amazing free online writing site Infobarrel.   


If you will write in Infobarrel, you have 12 categories to choose from. If you think that your article does not fit with these categories listed, you can e-mail them and if they think that they have to add an additional category, they will consider adding it.  Be reminded that they really check your work for any errors but for me that is a good behavior to keep the community clean, strong and with quality.

You can also submit your articles if you want it to be featured on their homepage.  You just have to choose a topic for each day and if your article can be included on their daily topics, you can submit it.  Multiple submissions with the same article are also allowed with submission topics. They may also edit your article when you submit it with their editorial calendar.

How to become a member?

You need to sign up to become a member of Infobarrel.  Don’t worry as I have said, joining this site is absolutely free. You fill up some form and you have to confirm your e-mail.  They encourage writers to put a display picture and a little introduction about yourself in your account profile. 

How to make money in Infobarrel?

You will earn 75% of the revenue generated from the display ads on your articles. 

You will also earn from amazon products that you can include in your article when someone purchase it. 

There is a monthly contest that you can join wherein you can win $100 if you got the most number of points in a month, $50 when you got the second most number of points in a month and $25 when you got the third most number of points in a month. Your prize will be added to your InfoBarrel Ads monthly revenue.

There is also a bonus percentage to those writers who will achieve more than 30 points.  They will get 85% AdSense share.  For those writers who will achieve more than 20 points. They will get 80% AdSense share. And there is also an extra 1% up to a maximum of 5% ad share for every eligible article published and submitted to their editorial calendar.

Do not need a Google AdSense Account

I think one of the advantages of Infobarrel is that you do not need a Google AdSense Account to earn unlike in Hubpages and other writing sites that needs a Google AdSense Account. So writers who were disapproved, do not have an account with Google AdSense, or still waiting for their approval found a new home with this site especially that Infobarrel offers a big AdSense share with their contributors.

When and how will you get paid?

The payment method being used by Infobarrel is only Paypal.  You must fill up your Payment Information accurately.  You cannot give any false name or else you will not get paid. The minimum payment threshold is $50.  Payment will be sent 45 days after the closing of the month. Example if you reached $50 on the first week of the month, you will have to wait for the month to end before they will send your payment. 

Referral Program

You can refer someone who is also searching for ways to earn money online by writing in Infobarrel.  You can use your affiliate link that can be found on your My Account page under the Referrals tab.  

You can also see the lists of all the members that you have referred to the site in your My Account page under the Referrals tab.

If you want to donate

Infobarrel also supports charitable institutions. You can donate earnings of one of your articles, or as many articles as you want and it is really up to you. Infobarrel choose the charitable institutions that they will support unlike in Squidoo wherein you will be the one to choose with their various list of charitable institutions. As of now Infobarrel supports Canadian Diabetes Association. This is the second charitable institution that they support after the success of their first charity which is the Huntington Society of Canada.  They were able to raised $2,574.96 for this charity.

Some Helpful Tips

I think that to be able to be successful on this writing site or in any other writing sites, you must also know how to be sociable.  You have to view and read some articles that other writers created especially if you think that it will gain you additional knowledge. You can rate it; you can also give comments about what you have read and share it with your friends if you think that it is worth sharing.

If you are a new member, you can post on their forums and introduce yourself, there are many writers, both new or old members of the site, who will welcome you.

If you want more traffic on your articles learn to share your work in social networking sites and other forums but be careful not to spam.

If you are a new member, be patient. If you submit your article and after a week passed and there is still no response from them; try to contact them to verify the approval of your articles. 

Don’t lose hope if your article was denied or disapproved, sometimes there are just few changes to make.  Read carefully what causes the denial of your article, edit it and pass it again.  If the Admin think that your article is already okay and do not have any errors on it, they will approve it and will now be live and can be viewed.  


I think Infobarrel is a good site for writers who are looking for a new home with their content. They have a friendly community, a fair revenue sharing for their contributors and a supportive admin.