If you are looking to earn an extra income or even a full time income from writing academic essays, then selecting the right essay writing company is critical. At best, essay writing companies will be able to supply the writer with a steady stream of clients dependent on demand and help to resolve any issues between the writer and the buyer. At worst, essay companies are simply fraudulent entities supplying poor quality work to clients and treating writers badly for their services.

A List of UK Registered Essay Writing Companies

Here is a review of some of the leading essay writing companies in the market for academic essays. Reviews are based upon personal experience as such, there is no guarantee that other will have had the same experience.

Academic Knowledge – This Nottingham based company is one of the leading agencies in the UK custom essay industry. Rates of pay are around £40 per 1,000 words for work of a 2:1 undergraduate level standard. Work is allocated through a bidding process after which the most suitable candidate is allocated the work. The personal experience of the writer is that fines are rarely imposed, payment has always been on tine, if not early and the quality team while strict are even handed and fair.

University Work/Imperial Essays – This Cambridge based company offers work to its writers through an email offering system. Rates of pay are around £40 per 1,000 words at 2:1 standard, unfortunately there is rarely a premium for short notice pieces or higher standards. The personal experience of the writers is that fines are rarely imposed and payment is usually made on time. Writers however, can feel pressured to make unjustified amendment or accept pieces they are not whole suited to.

Prospect Solution – A York based company offering work to writer though an online biding system. Like most in the UK essay writing industry, Prospect Solution pay around £40 per 1,000 words at 2:1 standard with higher rates for premium work and short notice pieces. The writer has found that while the company usually pays on time, there can be a tendency for the quality team to be rather on the liberal side with issuing penalties and fines.

So if looking to sign up with an essay writing company, always do some background research first and assess the key issues such as on time payment, level of remuneration and the reputation of the company for issuing fines and penalties. While there are no guarantees, a sensible approach is to write just one or two essays for a number of companies, this will give you time to assess the legitimacy of each company before committing a large amount of time with potentially costly results.

How to Make Money Writing Essays
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