So I got to thinking when I was at the bookstore…"How do I make money writing fiction?" Because it just dawned on me that if there where so many isles of books on fiction someone had to be paying to read them and publishers must be enthusiastic to sell them. So I went on a journey to see how to make money writing fiction.

The first thing I learned about writing great fiction books is that you need to have three dimensional characters that people will remember. Because you will make readers laugh, cry, and feel for your characters.

How do you produce rich 3-D Characters?

To make it simple so you can really start making some money writing fiction, lets compare a one dimensional character and a three dimensional character.

  • One Dimentional Characters – characters with a single facet offer little to look at. Like a colorless shape scribbled on a blank page, they may catch the eye, but they cannot hold the attention. Characters with no dimension are boring; they should exist only as filler, if at all. They are appropriate in jokes, fables, or other forms of writing where a single event is told. If you are expecting to make money writing fiction with one dimensional characters, forget about it!
  • Three Dimensional Characters – they are believable. Like humans, they have flaws and failings. They are individual and also seek to relate to others. These are the basic characteristics of this character: Flawed, Has own story, Has a unique past, Irrational, Quirky, Often social, and individual.

So there you have one way that you can increase your chances to write good fiction. Now that you know how to make money writing fiction one way, let's look at some other ways.

One of the biggest problems writers have is not knowing how the characters fit into a story. Let's examine some tips on how you can prevent this.

How to know your characters and how they fit the story

Not knowing more bigger stuff, like the character's core values behind their motivations, can be deadly to a story's progress. Spend time getting to know your characters, whether before you start writing or while you're writing your story. Some basics you need:

  1. Utilize Character Charts
  2. Utilize Freewriting
  3. Utilize Pictures
  4. Remember the Importance of Character

Without a great plot and great characters, readers just wont be interested. Before we get to the advanced parts of how to make money writing fiction, here's a list of a few things you should know to eliminate the fear that your characters wont be good enough.

  • Make your character's potential rewards enormous and make the price paid for those rewards staggering.
  • Give your character a real struggle between a want and a need.
  • Give the character what he wants, a clear simple ego-driven goal.
  • Give him what he needs, an inner longing that the character is unaware of, denies, suppresses or ignores.

So there you have some awesome tips on the technical part of writing great fiction to make money online. But let's examine how to make money writing fiction at another level.

What it Takes to Become a Well Known Fiction Writer

We know that there're hundreds of books at Borders and Barnes & Nobles about fiction, but the truth is that not all of those authors really make close to what J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Myers have made in their careers; and let's face it, not a lot of writers will have as much desire or talent as them.

Just being creative and talented, and having the perseverance to finish your fiction work is the first thing to getting published. Now comes the time to find somebody that's open-minded enough to value the work that you make.

Publishing your Fiction Book

What publishers first look at is if your fiction work will have the potential to make money selling it, so that they can make money. So that means it better appeal to an audience and engross them as well.

Don't forget that if you want to make money writing fiction, there's more than one route to choose from. The first options is to sell it to producers or to self-publish or become an independent fiction writer. Also magazines, movies, and TV studios look for staff writers.


If you made it this far and I still have your attention I guess can consider myself a great writer, or at least I have the skills for being a great fiction writer. Because if you want to really make money writing fiction you need to have two things: perseverance and talent. Okay, and as a bonus, you must have the ability to paint pictures with words in a way that nobody does. And the truth is that to know how to make money writing fiction will come with passion and commitment to keep going even when people tell you that your work sucks.

If you've always wanted to become a fiction writer, and you've gone into this career thinking you will make money from the start writing fiction, then you have it all wrong. If you have the passion the movie will come along with it.

Good luck making money writing the best flipping fiction in the world!

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I can understand that there still is that attachment to a book sometimes but it seems like more and more people are becoming more digital. Eventually people will be making more and more money writing online because most of the advertising will go towards where the eyeballs go. So if I was looking to make money writing fiction, I would be building my name in the web so that I can be an authority in the online fiction world.