If you are a freelance writer, one way to make a supplementary income or even a full time income is to register with an essay writing company, producing sample essays and term papers for university and college students who need a helping hand.  While, writing for an academic essay company can be a lucrative source of income, there are also many poor quality companies in the business and a writer should be careful before committing too much time to any single company.

What to look for in an Academic Essay Writing Company?

Registered Address – Check whether a company has a registered address, in the UK all companies must have a registered address listed with Companies House.  While registration is not a guarantee of legitimacy, it is a positive sign.

Fines – Check a company’s policy for writer fines, large fines can make a serious dent into a writer’s income and some less than reputable companies make use of fines to reduce their overall costs.

Reputation – It is always worth searching the internet to establish the credibility of an essay company before committing to a large amount of work.  However, always take into account that writers all have different experiences and that any recommendation should still be treated with due diligence.

Allocation Platform – Essay writing companies tend to operate one of two systems, biding systems allow writers to bid for work, work is then allocated to a writer based upon suitability.  Alternatively some companies operate an offer system, here writers are emailed work and expected to reply with acceptance or rejection in a certain period of time.

Payment Issues to Consider Before Registering With an Academic Essay Writing Service

Rates of pay – Consider the rates of pay being offered, many UK companies offer around £40 per 1,000 words at 2:1 standard.  Rates offered by companies outside of the UK tend to be a little lower and are often quoted in US dollars.

Payment Frequency – Most essay writing companies pay once or twice a month on a regular date.

Payment Type – Check to see what forms of payment a writing company offers.  In some cases there may be an associated cost, such as banking fees which is an additional cost to take into account.  Paypal is also a common payment method, although you may need to upgrade to a business account if receiving payments on a regular basis.

So, if looking to make an income from writing, registering with an online essay writing company can be a great way to make some extra money.  However, before registering with a company, conduct due diligence first and ask yourself the key questions with regards to the credibility of the company before committing to large amounts of work.

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