About Bubblews

Bubblews is a networking site founded by CEO Arvind Dixit and President Jason Zuccari in 2012. The site becomes popular and continues to grow because the rules are very simple. As a member you will earn money by connecting with your co-writers on the site.

Members can create an article with a minimum of 400 characters. When someone visits, like and made comments on your posts, you will earn money. You can post just about anything you wanted to post. Remember to follow their rules to avoid being banned. 

Among these rules are:

  • Do not submit content that you did not write yourself. 
  • Do not post pornographic content or images.
  • You must post your own image or if the image you posted is not yours, you must have the permission to use it. 
  • You can use the Pixabay free-photo search if you want to have a picture in your post or just used a color as a background of your article.
  • Do not ask other people to like, view or made comments on your post.
  • You can only post 10 articles a day. 

How to Join Bubblews?

Joining Bubblews is very simple. To create an account, you will have to fill-up your first and last name, your e-mail address, your location, your date of birth and if you have a website, you can also put it in when registering an account. You will put your username and password and you must agree to their terms before you can start bubbling. 


How Can You Earn on the Site?

You can earn on the site by the likes, comments and views that you will receive for your articles.  

How do I redeem?

When your Bank account reaches $50.00 redeem button will turn to color green.  And when you saw the green button, you can now redeem your money through PayPal. For now, PayPal is the only payment processor available in Bubblews. But they will add other payment processor in the future. To withdraw your money, you must have an account with PayPal and if you do not have an account, you must register to receive your payment.  

You will receive a notification when you will receive your redemption.  You will not be compensated when you violate their rules. Receiving your payment depends on your location. If you live in U.S., Canada and United Kingdom, payment is within 30-35 days.  All other international members will receive their payments within 60-90 days after their redemption.    

Can Multiple Accounts Allowed in Bubblews

Multiple users can create accounts under the same IP address but each one should have their own unique PayPal account. They cannot share the same PayPal account. 

Video Tutorial

My Personal Experience

I joined Bubblews last April 3, 2014 upon reading that this site actually pays its members not only with the page views but also with the likes and comments that you will receive for your article. My first week in Bubblews is very exciting. But unlike others I only post one article per day, even though they allowed members to post 10 articles per day. Maybe because I am still new and do not know what to posts. I was also happy to see a $1.00 signing up bonus when I joined this site.  But my eagerness lessened because I was also busy writing articles to other writing sites that I belonged to and upon reading some negative feedbacks on the site. But even though I do not regularly posts, like and made comments on the articles of others, I made it appoint to visit the site once every week because I am afraid that my account will be closed when I do not log in for a long time. 

When my friend asked me if I know a site to post articles because her article was not approved because it is more on a blog article I recommend her to join Bubblews. I told her that she can post articles with only 400 characters. She was convinced and joined the site.  Because she is the kind of person who loves to interact and comment on other people’s writings she enjoyed the site.  She even got addicted to it when she saw her earnings regularly grows and reading some other bubblers articles that they were paid a couple of times already.  And because of that my interest on the site renewed. My friend who started as a member only last August 1, 2014 redeemed her first earnings last August 22, 2014 and redeemed her second earnings last August 29, 2014.  Now I make it a point to post at least one to three articles per day. 

Last September 23, my friend received an e-mail from Bubblews telling her that her e-check was already been posted in Paypal. On September 24, she received an e-mail from Paypal telling her that her e-check is already posted.  She has to wait for 3-5 days for the clearing of the e-check. On September 26, the e-check was cleared and she can already withdraw the amount on PayPal. There are also some bubblers claiming that this site really paid them and some even earned $500-$600 a month.

What Can I Say?

The site is another way of making extra money online just like any other online writing sites that we knew. Earning on the site is not that easy but writing articles is easier because you can post an article for only 400 characters.  Even though others are claiming that this site pays a good amount of your posts, there are also some who are claiming that this site does not pay. It is really up to the person if you want to try to earn on this site, as a writer we must try different sites for us to know what sites really fits for us.

I noticed that to be able to succeed on the site, you must follow other people, you must like others work and make comments if you want to share something on their posts.  You must be active every day and post at least 3 times a day.

Anyway as I am always saying there is no harm in trying, there is nothing to lose.  The site is free to join and your articles will always be yours. So if you want to remove your articles in the future and transfer them to other online writing site because you think that you are not being given the proper compensation, you may do so.