Earnwrite is arevenue sharing article website that is easy to use and offers increasing levels of compensation as you use the site. It works similar to other articl sites like xomba and infobarrel and presents another great way to increase your online presence and earn additional income

Things You Will Need

Earnwrite Account

Adsense Account

Step 1

Sign up for your Earnwrite account. The sign up is simple and strait forward - an email address is required. Once you sign up you can immediatly start writing articles.

Step 2

Get Adsense. you will need an adsense account to earn income using Earnwrite. Once you have your publisher id for your adsense account you can enter it on your profile update page. Doing this will allow you to earn from the adsense views in your articles. While you are editing your profile you should also take the opportunity to enter your website url and profile description. This information is automatically included with each article you publish and on your user profile page - this can provide you quality backlinks to your blog or website. If you do not already have a website or blog, you can get a free blog from blogger.com where you can also use adsense and crosslink your blog and articles

Step 3

Refer your friends. You earn additional ad views when you refer friends to Earnwrite. You can greatly magnify your efforts by referring friends and posting your referral link on your blog if you have a blog. When your referred friends publish articles you earn an additional percentage of ad views from your friends articles as well - these additional ad views do not detract from your friends ad view percentage.

Step 4

Write multiple articles. Once you have written 10 articles, you get a boost in the number of adsense ads that are devoted to you. So get 10 articles quickly but don't stop there - as with all article sites, the more you write the more you earn.

Earning good income when writing articles requires consistant effort. If you write several articles a day for a few months you will start to see some good results. Start writing with Earnwrite.com today.

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