It is completely reasonable (and expected) for you to want to know if it is really possible to make money writing for InfoBarrel. Knowing that other successful stories of writers earning a great deal of money on InfoBarrel can help validate, to you, that it is worth the time and effort that you spend writing articles for InfoBarrel. Afterall, who wants to really write for a website without knowing if it will really pay off or not? I wouldn't and, besides the 6-Book Info Barrel course that I wrote with my partner, this InfoBarrel article is meant to show you how you can at least take the initial steps to making money on InfoBarrel.

Long before you even begin writing for InfoBarrel, there are a few things that you will need (and should want) to do in order to ensure that you really earn money from your writing efforts on InfoBarrel. My ultimate goal with this InfoBarrel article is to help you maximize your time invested in InfoBarrel, while also providing you with quick resources and short-cuts that you can tap into in order to greatly expedite your Info Barrel learning curve, as well as, your ability to earn alot of money here.

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Things You Will Need

  • Step #2: an InfoBarrel Account
  • Step #4:a Google Adsense Account 
  • Step #6: a Chitika Account
  • Step #7:an Amazon Associates Account
  • Step #8: a Clickbank Account
  • a Linkshare Account
  • a Commission Junction Account
  • My Exhaustive InfoBarrel Course
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Step 1

Website Comparison Chart for Info Barrel Many won't recommend that you do this, however, it is absolutely important that you realize the inherent potential of the Info Barrel website. Many before, including myself, have done a significant amount of research regarding why we truly believe Info Barrel is poised to become a leading online article submission and revenue sharing community. At the time of this writing, Info Barrel has been realizing tremendous exponential growth.

Realizing the potential of Info Barrel, while taking in some success stories and talking to other writers about their Info Barrel experiences, can help you stay motivated in your writing. There will be many variables at play that will determine whether or not you make money on Info Barrel quickly, or if your experience here turns out to be a long drawn out process with only cents achieved here and there.

Earning upwards of $30-$50-even $100 daily, on Info Barrel, IS possible, but you must keep yourself motivated.

Step 2

Bearing in mind that you may have found this Info Barrel article from a variety of ways, I can't necessarily make the assumption that you will already have an Info Barrel account established. Had you found this article as a result of a Google search, you may very well not have an Info Barrel account already.

Creating an Info Barrel account now can afford you many great benefits as you embark on your journey of earning money with Info Barrel. If you feel that jumping right into article writing and publishing is too daunting of a task, you can always use this time to explore the articles of others, or participate and ask questions on Info Barrel's very active user community forum.

Step 3

My Info Barrel Data Once you have signed up for your own Info Barrel account, you can now begin to ADD the information required in order for you to begin earning. While you can address each of these individually, and at different times, you will greatly expedite your chances to earn on your articles if you begin applying for the listed accounts immediately. If you already have accounts established with Chitika, Adsense, and Amazon, then you can simply plug in the required information.

The longer you wait to apply for and establish these accounts, the longer you will be relinquishing the revenue earned from these avenues, if you have articles published. It is clearly in your best interest to begin establishing these accounts now, because they will be tied directly into each of your Info Barrel articles, and they will be the main methods by which you will earn.

NOTE: You can begin earning without these accounts, however I will detail those methods later on in this article. You will want to use those methods, in conjunction, with establishing accounts with Chitika, Amazon, and Google Adsense. Certain earning avenues will require a degree of patience while your application is pending review and approval. When you register with Chitika as a publisher, it will take a few days until your application is approved. This is why it is so critical to begin applying and solidifying these avenues NOW before your articles are approved by Info Barrel management.

Step 4

Adsense (16781) Google Adsense program will be the primary, and most lucrative, means by which you make money from your Info Barrel articles. Logically, the display of your Google Adsense advertisements will be above both your Amazon and Chitika advertisements simply because of the earning's potential of Adsense. When a visitor "clicks" on one of your Adsense ads, you could earn several cents to a few dollars dependent upon alot of things. From the limitations of advertiser budgets, to an Info Barrel writer's ability to master the science of article writing and construct articles that maximize search engine visibility and profitability, these topics are simply to detailed and vast to cover in one simple article.

Our Info Barrel course has covered these topics quite well, and has expounded upon them to the point that many other Info Barrel writers are beginning to realize tremendous success already.

Once you are approved for a Google Adsense account, you will then simply inject your publisher's idea into the previous mentioned "My Data" section under your Info Barrel manage profile section. You will not be paid from Info Barrel, but, rather, if your advertisements are 'clicked-on' while they are in generous rotation, your earnings will be reflected in your Adsense account. Info Barrel currently gives writers 100% of the revenue generated (yes, 100%!), when their Adsense publisher ID# is displayed up to 75%-90% of the time!

Step 5

In order to understand exactly what you will be receiving from Google Adsense and InfoBarrel, it is important that I expound upon what exactly you will earn. I had mentioned that InfoBarrel's website platform affords writers the opportunity to earn 75%-90% of the Adsense revenue on their articles. In order for one to earn 90% of your Adsense revenue, you must essentially earn 30 points in any given month. InfoBarrel's point system is directly related to the LENGTH of your articles, in word count.

In order to earn 90% of your revenue share on InfoBarrel, you would have to write Six 1,000 Word articles in any given month. (6 articles x 5 points each = 30 points)

For monthly specialized content requests, related to each contest, a writer can also earn a 1% revenue share increase, for each submitted article, up to a 5% revenue share increase. Specialized content may include writing an article about a Holiday, or seasonally significant activity. Writers do not earn over 90% revenue share. Even still, this is an incredibly generous revenue share compared to the payment structure(s) of even those most Elite revenue sharing websites online today.
  • 1 point for 500+ words
  • 2 points for 800+ words
  • 5 points for 1000+ words

Step 6

NOTE: As of 2013, Chitika is no longer used on InfoBarrel!

Along with your Google Adsense advertisements, that are hosted on each of your InfoBarrel articles, as a visitor or reader proceeds to read your article, they will find a similar looking block of advertisements located directly under your related articles section. With each text advertisement flanked by a random image, Chitika shouldn't necessarily be looking upon as your primary means of earning on InfoBarrel, but, rather, a great complement to your other monetization methods.

You will not earn nearly as much with Chitika as you will with Google Adsense.

One way of looking at your Chitika advertisement placement is to consider that it may help you monetize a visitor who has proven to be disinterested in your Google Adsense advertisements. Rather than loose your monetization capabilities altogether, Chitika will afford you the opportunity to at least convert something out of your visitor, even though Chitika has proven to be a much lower paying advertisement network than Adsense. Afterall, if you can't earn 30 cents from a visitor, would you rather 10 cents or nothing at all? That is the same situation you will encounter with Chitika.

On rare occasions, some do report that a single "click" through their Chitika advertisements has generated in excess of $1.00. This is not the norm, however, it is possible. It helps an Info Barrel article to think of Chitika as just one element of an overall monetization strategy.

Step 7

Amazon Associates Amazon Associates

Step 8

Signing up for a Clickbank account can be a great way to complement your already existing hosted Google Adsense and Chitika

Step 9

a Linkshare Account

Step 10

a Commission Junction Account

Step 11

Info Barrel Course My Info Barrel Course

Just like many other making money ventures, writing for InfoBarrel will require a bit of patience, and a consolidated work ethic. Fortunately, after a great deal of research and experience, I have strong reason to believe that InfoBarrel is among one of the best article submission revenue sharing websites available online today. Few websites even come close to their generosity in revenue share, and, those websites that do, suffer from stagnant growth and a severe inability to gain for themselves any kind of search engine authority that will prove to be monetarily beneficial to writers.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't see your hard work and effort on InfoBarrel manifest into earnings, don't loose hope and don't give up. Your current articles may only require a few subtle additions or changes in order to really start earning. Stop by the InfoBarrel community forum anytime if you ever have difficulty with anything!