Another great site to earn some residual income from is a site called Infobarrel. It is a site that is similar to Xomba in that you have to place your Adsense publishing ID to make money from ad revenue. At Infobarrel, you can make money by writing an article, video, how-to article or a review of something. You can write about almost everything so you can write about your hobbies or anything that interests you. InfoBarrel will also give you 75% on the Adsense revenue. Read on to learn more about making money online with Infobarrel.

Go to Infobarrel and sign-up for a free account. You just have to give them some basic information like you name and email address. Also, if you do not have an adsense account you have to sign-up with them also. Adsense is a free site to join which will pay you for ad revenue. In a way, Google adsense will pay you the money you earn through Infobarrel. There is nothing like earning money with your Adsense account and not have to work hours on your own website and earn nothing for months. Infobarrel ranks well on the search engines so you can gain a good deal of traffic to your articles.

Now start writing articles on Infobarrel so you can start seeing your earnings grow. Make sure you use good keywords so you will rank higher on the search engines. You can use Wordtracker to get some good ideas for good keywords. Also, you should promote you articles using social bookmarking sites (Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit) so you can earn a back link, get more traffic to your site and earn even more money online.

You can write for more article submission sites to earn even more money online. The best part about making money on the Internet is that you can make it through several sites and several different ways. A few sites to write for and maximize your online income are Xomba, Bukisa and eHow.

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