Xomba is a fun, revenue sharing site that is quick and easy to write for. What you write for Xomba today can pay off for a long time. Xomba works alot like how Info Barrel works. Here is how to make money writing for Xomba.

Things You Will Need

Xomba Account

Google Adsense Account

Step 1

Sign up for a Xomba Account. Xomba will walk you through the steps to get a Google Adsense account if you don't already have one. The Google Adsense account is one way you will make making writing on Xomba. Xomba pays 50% of Google Adsense clicks around your articles.

Step 2

Start posting on Xomba. You can post Xombytes or Xomblurbs. A Xombyte is a 150 word magazine quality article. A Xomblurb is a short little tidbit that you can use to link to another article or post. This is a great way to publicize articles you write for other content sites. Xomba pays 50% of the Adsense clicks around your articles.

Step 3

Refer your friends to Xomba. Xomba pays your friend 50% of Adsense clicks for their earnings. Xomba pays you 10% and Xomba keeps 40%. Referring friends is another way to make money writing for Xomba.

Step 4

Every day write a few Xombytes or Xomblurbs. Over time this will add up and generate more ad clicks and revenue for you.

Be consistent. Writing a little bit each day will make a huge difference. Over time you will have a bank of articles that will make you money on a daily basis. Ready to make money writing for Xomba?
Start writing and start earning! Join Xomba.

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