You need two things to make money writing for the web:

2)Good Advertisements

Why You Should Write for a Website that Gets Viewed
There are many, many places to submit your articles and get paid for writing on the web. But, to make money you will need to write for a website that actually gets your articles ranked with the search engines and gets your articles viewed. Some websites are better at getting your articles out on the web and getting them seen. Many writers work at "promoting" their articles by posting a links all over the web. Backlinking is important for search engine rank, but for the most part any website you write for should do most of the backlinking and promotion for you, so you can focus on writing and write prolifically. As a writer, you should be focused on writing and leave search engine optimization, SEO up to the website. After all, they get a cut of the profits also.

How Do you Know Which Writing Websites Get Good Views?
This is the easy part. Think of something you want to know about. You are reading this article, so lets assume you want to know "How to Make Money Writing for the Web." Go ahead and open another window in your browser and type it into Google. Rather than looking at the title of the search results, look at the websites that show up in the URL. You probably know a few websites that hire freelance writers. Which of those websites have results ranking in the top of the search? You guessed it that is an excellent place to start writing.

Here are Some of the Best Places to Write for Getting Views:

  2. eHow
  3. Buzzle
  4. InfoBarrel
  6. Associated Content
  7. Helium
  8. Squidoo
  9. Hubpages

Writing to Get Views - Keywords
Writing web content is a bit different than writing a paper, in that when you are writing you must pay attention to your keywords. This is where you do need to know a little about SEO. When an internet user types in keywords, the more you repeat those words in your article, the more likely your article is to appear in the search results. I'll use the example above again. If you are writing an article "How to Make Money Writing for the Web," and you are writing it for a website that gets good ranking with the search engines, it still will not show up if you do not put the keywords, "How to Make Money Writing for the Web," in your article several times. Google and Yahoo need to know that your article contains information about what the search engine user is searching.

Writing Search Engine Friendly Articles
One other thing about views. You need to write articles with keywords that are commonly searched. If you write a great article for a website that gets a lot of views like, and you choose to write about "mudsliding on a wabash," it will not get viewed. Why? Nobody is searching for the keywords, "mudsliding on a Wabash."

Writing Where You Can Get More Ad Clicks and Make Money
We already talked about how to get views to your articles, now that the viewers are there, how do we make money? Most websites pay the writers a percentage of revenues earned from advertisments. This is called "ad sharing." A good website will have the adverstisements placement worked out for you. The website will also put advertisements on your article that applies to your keywords. For example if you are writing about "How to Make Money Writing for the Web," you want plenty of advertisements that are likely to get clicked by people wanting to learn more about web content writing. You do not want advertisements for dog food. Those probably won't get clicked.

Writing to Get Good Ads and Make Money
It is important that we stop here and remember it isn't always about the website. If you write an article about "How to Make Money Writing for the Web," and you get advertisements all over your article about dog food, don't automatically assume it is the website you are submitting your articles to. Go back and look at the words you use in your writing. Did you use the keywords "dog" or "food" repeatedly? If so, you need to do some keyword optimization and make sure you are using words throughout your article that apply to your title.

Writing Websites with Ad Programs that Make You Money:
  1. eHow
  2. Hubpages
  4. Associated Content
  5. InfoBarrel
  6. Squidoo
  7. Helium
It is important to note that not all websites pay you part of the advertisment revenue from your writing. Some offer traffic (in the form of allowing you to link to your other writing), or experience as a writer. These are both just ways to say you don't get paid. You can build traffic and get experience writing for websites that allow you to earn money writing at the same time.

Getting Started Making Money by Writing

Because we all have different writing styles, experiences and writing preferences, we will all have different opinions about the best place to write to make money online. If you are a new writer, choose several of the top websites listed above and submit a few articles to each one. See which writing websites work for you and when you find one or two that are a good fit... keep writing!

Where I Make Money Writing Online

eHow - My favorite place to earn money writing online is eHow. eHow gets good search engine ranking and they have good ad placement to make it easy to earn. I started writing for them in March of 2008. At that time eHow was a fairly new website. Now, there are so many people writing for eHow it is difficult to find an article that hasn't already been written. I earn about $1 per month per article on the writing I've previously done for eHow.

Suite101 - I love writing for Suite101 as well. They do an excellent job of getting your articles exposure and ranking them with the search engines. They do a so-so job of making sure the ads on your article match your keywords. I get more views with Suite101 than I do with eHow, but I don't earn as much per view. I earn about 75 cents per month for each Suite article I write.

InfoBarrel - I am new to InfoBarrel. A friend on eHow suggested I sign up. I have only written one article here prior to this one, but that article got first page rankings with google. I am waiting around to see how I earn with InfoBarrel.

Buzzle - I do not write for Buzzle. I can see their articles get good ranking with the search engines, but upon signing up, I learned they do not pay writers.

Associated Content - I started writing for Associated Content in 2005. I wrote 2 articles. The first one they paid me $5.00 upfront for and I've earned another $1.50 on the article with revenue sharing since then. The second article I wrote got rejected for being "done to death." I can see that associated content articles get good ranking. But, from the experiences I have read from other writers, that ranking is a product of a lot of promotion online. Also, associated content seems to be willy-nilly about what they accept and reject. You just never know.

Helium - Helium requires a lot of work reading and rating other peoples work to earn money. I do not like to have to do a lot of reading, rating, promoting to make money from my web writing, so I have only written 2 articles for Helium. Helium did open a marketplace recently which allows you to write requested titles for cash. The payment is excellent $50-60 per article. I sold an article on the Helium marketplace and was in heaven. The next week they started requiring writers to "be marketplace approved" to sell writing. What that means is that you must meet quotas writing other articles for Helium and read, rate, etc. to be able to submit to the Helium marketplace.

Squidoo - Writing for Squidoo will sometimes get you great traffic. I have 17 Squidoo lenses. Some of them get top google ranking and get over 200 views a month (that is a good number). My best viewed lens has been getting 200-400 views monthly for a year and has earned only $4.34. Squidoo gets traffic but it does not pay well. Perhaps, I am not placing my ads well, but I am a writer. In my opinion, that is Squidoo's job.