Freelancing and telecommuting jobs are on the rise, and one of the sectors in which these types of jobs are currently showing many openings is writing. There are so many people all over the world who are now making a living by writing for the web, for print, or in any other format imaginable. If you are longing to earn extra income on the side or are looking for a work-from-home job to replace your day job, know that you can make money writing.

The first thing that you should do to find a writing job is to know your capabilities. Because your clients will most likely be in a different country, they will then be judging your qualifications based on your years of experience on a certain writing style. Are you a web writer or a copywriter? Are you an article marketer? Do you have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization? Are you a feature article writer? Discover your niche and find out what you're good at.

Make Money WritingNext, prepare to create your portfolio. Your own portfolio is your key to make money writing. Gather all of your best sample written works in the writing style you have chosen to specialize in and take note of whether or not these have been published. Remember that your portfolio has to showcase your strengths, so do not bulk it up by adding in mediocre articles as "fillers."

The next step is to actually start browsing through jobs and applying for them. There are many telecommuting and freelancing jobsites that you can make use of, such as oDesk, Elance, GetAFreelancer, RentACoder and the ProBlogger Job Boards. Remember to check out the job description carefully, as well as the timeline – just make sure that you can deliver the project in the amount of time needed to complete it.

Your articles will most likely appear on niche websites and blogs, and even on sites such as GoArticles, or EzineArticles. These are websites that publish content on specific topics, and they are usually referred to as "article directories". A lot of the articles required by virtual clients are for the sole purpose of article marketing, which is an online marketing strategy that makes use of unique, targeted, and relevant written content to entice a global audience to make use of a product or service to boost sales.

Be careful of the prices you set for your service – a lot of clients turn to outsourcing services from Third World countries as equally-talented writers from these places tend to charge lower rates for the same quality of work. This is why your portfolio has to be strong enough to prove why you would like to charge a higher rate.

Anyone can make money writing if they put their minds into it. The key is to build a strong portfolio and get a good first client – once you get great recommendations, chances are that projects will keep pouring in as you will slowly start to create a solid client base that will keep your income steadily flowing into your bank account in the months, even years, to come.