What could be better than knowing how to make money and enjoy yourself while on holidays? Yes you can actually do this no matter where you travel.


It will not matter if you take a trip across the other side of the world or drive down the road a couple hundred kilometers.It will depend on where and what type of travel holiday plans you are having for some of these ideas to work.




You will need to take your camera and maybe your laptop.But hey you will take those wherever you go on any holidays.At least most people will these days anyway.So bear with me and I will give you a few ways that you can actually earn money.










The majority of people take hundreds of photos while on holiday. We need them so that in twenty years time we can recapture that romantic trip, honeymoon or just an ordinary holiday.All you need to do is register with the major stock photography websites.There are several internet sites where you can upload your photos to and they will pay you on consignment.Each time someone goes to the website and downloads one of your pictures to use on their websites, blogs or use in any book you will earn money.



Digital photography basics and tips


Check this article out if your are new to digital photography it may help to improve the way you take photos.




Freelance article writing






Hundreds of people are writing articles on the internet and earning money from Adsense as people click on the ads.Yes I know you are on holiday, but it is amazing the things that you will see while enjoying yourself.If you could spend a few minutes every day jotting down notes in a journal or on your laptop you will have heaps of ideas to write about when you go home.




You can also submit articles, fillers, reply to letters and submit them to magazines all over the world.If these are accepted you will be paid for them.You can also become a travel writer and write travel articles for different countries promoting their tourist attractions.Then if you have taken photos of these places you could earn even more still by adding those images to your articles.




You may want to build a travel website and drive traffic to it by writing the best places to take holidays. You can earn money when people visit your site and click on your Adsense adverts.







Now comes the fun stuff






Have you ever gone fosicking for gold or any valuable jewelry, like rings, gold chains or a variety of different denominations of coins?This will of course depend on where you travel to on your holidays.




You will need a metal detector






That's right, don't sound so surprised you didn't really think you would walk down the street and kick your toe on a nugget.Sorry that used to happen many years ago although the chances of doing that now would be very rare.If you are in the right area you could still find small nuggets with the detector and with the price of gold going up all the time it sure would help out.




Everyone loves to go down to the ocean or even lay on the sands beside the rivers.Well if you are shy you could wait until most people have gone home then take out your metal detector and survey the sandy beaches.




How many times have you heard of people losing their watch or rings in the sand?Well this is where you come in. You could even give the detector to the kids to use, not only will it keep them out of your hair for a while they may make more money than you.




If someone has lost something valuable they could offer a reward for it.Which could help pay part of your next holiday.




I hope this will give you a couple of things to think about when going on your next vacation. Whatever you choose to do whether it is sipping champagne beside the river or fossicking along a beach at sunset make sure you enjoy yourself while on holidays.