Due to the recent recession causing tough circumstances for many people across the United States, individuals are increasingly turning to other means to produce income. These means often include work at home business opportunities to help support their families and still have a flexible schedule. Working at home can be fun and rewarding as you essentially become your own boss, making your own goals to meet while setting the pace of your schedule. There are also other work at home opportunities which are a bit more complex and require a lot of work to earn a decent salary. In this article, we'll examine several of the current work at home moneymaking opportunities that people are turning to for income.

Probably one of the most popular and highly-advertised work at home jobs is that of Data Entry. There's no beating around the bush here, these jobs can be quiet tedious, involving nothing but straight typing of data into your computer for hours on end. With a data entry job you are given various projects to complete in exchange for a pay rate. With many of the data entry work at home jobs the more data you enter, the more money you'll earn. These jobs often cross over into other realms including Medical Transcription and Virtual assistant jobs.

To perform Medical Transcription or Virtual Assistant jobs from your home you'll need background in it, or to get the proper training. People who just have generic data entry skills most likely won't be able to get into these more competitive work at home positions. Medical transcription requires a specialized skill set as does being a virtual assistant in some businesses. So make sure you've spruced up your resume with pertinent training or experiences before embarking down these home job paths. There's plenty of these jobs available and they can bring you decent incomes as well.

There's also other commission-based jobs where you can set your own hours and host sales demonstration parties right from your own home. One example that's been popular for years is Tupperware parties, while another is Avon or other skin care products. An increasingly popular one is The Pampered Chef to make money at home. Pampered Chef gives very good commission rates to their top sales consultants and allows you to build your own team of workers to make more money as you go. They involve a small fee to start and have been profiled as legitimate on various news programs.

Of course you could also start up your own eBay business from home, but they are quite competitive these days and the fees just seem to go up and up by the month. You've also seen those clever advertisements splattered across the internet claiming that you can make thousands of dollars per day from Google. Again, these ads most likely will want you to spend some money to buy a product or kit, before you even start to see a cent come to you. Beware of those make money at home scams, especially if they're too good to be true. And remember, there's many people looking to earn money from their home, so it's competitive, and the work may not be easy. Investigate each opportunity as fully as possible, even with the Better Business Bureau to ensure you're getting into a legitimate work at home job!