I wish I could tell you a way to make a million dollars tonight, while you sleep. I can't because those schemes only make the people who came up with them rich. What I can tell you about is a fun way to win some extra cash and prizes, in your spare time.

Welcome to the world of online sweepstakes! If you have tried to enter contests and sweepstakes in the past, don't worry because things have changed. If you are new to this hobby, then great! Since you are reading this article right now, I know that you have everything you need to get started. Let me give you some direction to help you along.

Things You Will Need

Internet access

Spare email address

A couple of hours a day

Step 1

FIND AN ONLINE DIRECTORY OF SWEEPSTAKES. The hardest thing about this hobby is trying to find sweepstakes to enter. Plenty of websites have been created to help you find sweepstakes to enter. Please check out some of my other articles for help finding the best ones for you.

Step 2

SET UP A SEPARATE EMAIL ACCOUNT FOR YOUR SWEEPSTAKES. The companies that sponsor these contests and sweepstakes will want to contact you. It is important that you have an email account that you check regularly because that is how most sponsors will contact you. Don't worry about spam either. You can usually opt out of "special offer" emails when you register for the sweepstakes. If not, you can always do it later, if you start getting unwanted emails.

Step 3

DOWNLOAD AN AUTOMATIC FORM FILLER. This will speed up your entries dramatically. The more sweepstakes you enter, the more you will win. BUT REMEMBERYou will have to pay taxes on what you win. If you don't want to take a $5,000 trip to Mongolia, don't enter the contest. If you do enter it and win, you will be paying taxes on that $5,000 trip.

Step 4

PICK WHICH SWEEPSTAKES TO ENTER. Everyone is tempted to go straight for the big ones. Do it! Someone will win them. However, be aware that these big-prize contests always get the most entries. Be sure to enter those smaller value sweeps too. They get the least amount of entries, so your odds of winning are better with the smaller ones. Also, the ones that have more requirements to enter have fewer people entering them. Overlooking smaller value sweepstakes and those that have more requirements will greatly reduce your yearly winnings.

Step 5

START ENTERING THE SWEEPSTAKES. After you have found the sweepstakes you want to enter, let your form filler do the work. Just make sure that you are eligible to enter it. The biggest thing to make sure of is that you are not entering too often. This has cost many people their prize. If you are only allowed to enter once a day, make sure you only enter it once a day. Most of the directories that you found in step one leave it up to you to make sure you aren't entering too often. One website I would recommend,

www.sweepsplay.com, will do it for you. If you use their Sweeps Manager program, it removes the sweepstake from your view after you enter it, and automatically brings it back into view when you are eligible to enter it again. If you use another directory, just make sure that you keep track of when and what sweepstakes you have entered.

Don't forget to double check the information your form filler put in for you. Also, now is the time to opt out of emails.

Step 6

DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW. The key to being successful in the sweepstakes world is to stick with it. If you can enter a sweepstakes daily, then enter it daily.

Good luck with your new hobby. Have fun with it and don't become obsessed. It can be addictive if you let it!

Tips & Warnings

Read the rules.

Enter only as often as allowed.

Check your email! That is where the winning notices will be sent.