Make Money Reselling Books on eBay for Profit

Once you have found children’s books to list on Ebay, you can work at home and make money listing them for profit.

The first thing you need to do is go to eBay’s website and download Turbolister. This program allows you to list when you are able to and upload the items when you want. While you can list the item “live”, you can have multiple auctions end at the same time with Turbolister.

When creating a title for your listing, be very specific. For example, “Big lot of chapter books” is not as clear as “Lot of 28 Junie B. Jones Chapter Books, Barbara Park All AR”.

What is AR? It is a reading program that many schools and homeschoolers use to test a child's reading comprehension. Created by Scholastic, there are thousands of titles with levels and points-information that people want or need to see.

After creating your title and selecting the category (use Wholesale Lots or else you will not be able to charge enough for shipping), begin your description with a simple paragraph. For example:

"This auction is for a lot of gently used Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park. All of the books are in very good or better condition, with pages tight, clean, and intact. The covers show very little if any wear. All titles are part of Scholastic’s Accelerated Reader Program. Points and levels are given after each title."

Then list the titles in numerical order if it is part of a series.

Close the listing with any auction policies you have.

Make sure you add a picture of your book lot and upload it with the listing. The first picture is free.

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When deciding on a starting price, I always go lower for a popular lot. The odds are in my favor that the ending price will be high. The problem with starting an auction too high is that people will not bid on it until the last minute. This reduces the number of people who will potentially watch and bid throughout the week.

All book lots need to be weighed. If you plan on selling books for the long-haul, then it is wise to invest in a USPS postal scale. Books are mailed via media mail, and rates for weights are on the USPS website.

Be sure to round up and add a dollar for your time and packing materials.

Now you are ready to upload and make money from home with your Ebay book auctions.

A Great Book to Get You Started

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You can begin your online bookstore by selling things that you already have around your house. This will give you a good feel for what sells and what does not. It is not rocket science, but the law of supply and demand. Something popular will sell, as well as something that is rare. You just have to become knowledgeable in the category that you have chosen.