While going to a pawn shop is a great way to save money when shopping, it is also a great way to make money as well. By browsing different pawn shops, and comparing prices, a buyer and seller can make a lot of money with just a little bit of effort.

Making Money at Pawn Shops

Buying from a pawn shop.

Sometimes to make money, you must spend it first. Think of it as a small investment, that will eventually lead to a nice return. While many pawn shops do have some items that are overpriced, some great deals can still be found. I would not suggest just buying something in hopes that it will sell well. If you have a smart phone, use it to your advantage. This way, you can see how much it is selling for online. By walking around the pawn shop, and researching items as you go, you can ensure that you will be able to turn a profit from the item you are buying. The last thing that you want to happen when trying to make money at a pawn shop is paying more for an item than you can sell it back for. Be sure to check more than one website and you might can make even more money for the item. For example, sometimes things sell for more on eBay than they do on Amazon. So make sure your item that you found at a pawn shop is listed on the one that is making the most money.

Selling back to a pawn shop.

All pawn shops are trying to make a profit when they are buying items from you, so it is important to make sure what you are bringing is worth much more than you paid for it. A pawn shop will normally not give you the real value of an item. Eventually everyone runs out of resources to sell back to a pawn shop after looking through their homes. So when you run out of items, start searching through other peoples home. Do this legally of course, by visiting local garage sales. A pawn shop might know the value of what they are selling but many people that are making money at garage sales do not. It is typically a win-win for both parties. The person selling items at a garage sale are usually just trying to get rid of what they consider junk and make some extra cash. But among this so-called "garbage", many buyers can find great items that are worth much more than they are being sold for. Any type of sale where people are trying to get rid of items is a great place to find things to sell back to pawn shops. Estates sales is another great spot to look, especially if the estate sale is from a very wealthy family. Sometimes items are worth hundreds or thousands can go for a few dollars. There are many websites that are dedicated to finding local garage sales and estate sales in different areas. Bigger cities will usually have more to choose from, but small towns can also have some great places that are easily overlooked.