Totally free money from absolutely nothing, it sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well it's not a dream; it is the reality if you know how to get something for nothing.

Let me tell you more. Making money from nothing is possible if you know where to start. You may not realize it but you have two major tools in your arsenal for making quick, easy cash without spending any money to do it.

Using Your Knowledge to Make Money

The biggest asset you have for generating extra money is your knowledge. What do you know? What skills do you possess that others may not have? If you have a skill you can easily make money by becoming a consultant or laborer. All you really need to do is market your self on a shoestring, or in this case for nothing.

How do you market yourself without cash? You have four totally free options:

  1. Use the Internet. The internet is totally free. Post your work wanted ads on free classified sites, forums and the like.

  1. Craigslist. The quickest way to find work in your area is on Craigslist. Caigslist is a highly trafficked site, totally free, and best yet local. You will get almost instant replies if the price is right.

  1. Use the Phone. Good old fashioned cold calls do the trick more often than not. Take the time, grab the phone book and get started.

  1. Go Door-to-Door. No, nobody likes this one, but it is free, and does get the job done.

Sell Something from Nothing

Collect freebies at garage sales and online, clean up your treasures and resell for a pure profit. Use free online classified ads to keep your expenses to nothing and you will make money. Before you excuse this as not likely to make much, I must tell you that I personally know someone who makes well over six figures a year from collecting other people's junk. That said, they work long days and are always ready to drop everything to go and pick things up when they have the opportunity to do so. This method of making money takes time, some skill, but most of all dedication.

If you are willing to be creative, dedicated and work hard, there are plenty of ways to make money from nothing. Some money making schemes make quick and easy money while others take longer, but the opportunities are plentiful if you are willing to open your mind.