Making money from recycling is not only good for your wallet, it's also good for the environment. Recycling reduces the amount of resources we need from other countries and ensures that we will use up the earth's resources in an efficient manner. Learn how to make a little bit of money recycling as a hobby or as a part-time job.

Things You Will Need

Storage Space
Local Recycling Center

Step 1

Electronics are the easiest to recycle and collect money from. Begin by collecting all of your old electronics, including computers and monitors, cell phones, VCRs, DVD players, televisions, etc. Many websites exist where you can recycle electronics. When purchasing a new computer, be aware that many states force companies to offer recycling of old computers, and may offer you a trade-in value. Cell phones are easy to cash in as people purchase new ones (or receive new ones) with plan contract renewals typically every two years.

Step 2

You can cash in old printer, fax, and copier ink catridges at sites such as Cash4Catridges or Toner Buyer. Think about collecting these from your office; coworkers may be eager to have someone willing to do the legwork on recycling these used catridges, and you can pick up some extra cash.

Step 3

Scrap Metal for extra cash for a great way to earn a part-time income. Where can you find lots of scrap metal? Check out the free section on Craigslist or Freecycle where people are always trying to get someone to pick up their old and broken appliances. Take a truck around your area on the one day a month or so that your garbage pickup company designates as oversized/big junk/etc. pick-up day.

Step 4

You can also get paid points for curbside recycling pick up through recyclebank (you will need to see if your area has this service). Recyclebank is available in over 26 states, and in 300 communities.

Step 5

Car batteries can be sold for around $7-$8 per battery. You will need to find a local center willing to purchase these from you.

Step 6

Tap into the more than 200 million tons of paper a year used by Americans and recycle paper. Prices can range from $0.25 to $0.50 per pound. You will need to find a local recycling center who will purchase this reusable product from you.

Step 7

There are two possible ways to earn money from wire hangers. Call your local dry cleaners and see if they will accept them for either store credit or cash. If they will not accept them, then go ahead and scrap them with the rest of your metal above.

By recycling objects around your home that you no longer have a use for (or objects from other people), you are making extra money and doing a service for the environment. Have fun with it!

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