For those of you that don't live under a rock, you probably have heard by now (09/10/09) about the outburst made by Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina in the middle of President Barack Obama's Healthcare Reform speech. If not, please climb out from under that rock and just google his name or the words "You Lie!" and you will find a plethora of news articles, blogs, tweets and forum posts on the matter. Bloggers and other online publishers are having a big party with this one and are receiving a ridiculous number of page views on the subject matter. Whether they portray it from the right or left point of view it's certainly a hot topic today.

Political blunders and disgraced lawmakers always make headlines and can drive traffic to your blogs or articles that mention their name or details about the latest controversial comments they've made and you'll more than likely see an increase in traffic.

So if you don't live under a rock and you can spend a few minutes a day absorbing the current news and commentary from the political pundits you should be able to put together some content to profit from the next political controversy that people will be searching for online. Thank you Joe Wilson, for stimulating the online economy.

Things You Will Need

Daily awareness of current events

Controversial comments made by lawmakers or appointed official

Sex scandals--Politicians cheating on spouses, soliciting prostitutes or propositioning underage pages, etc.

Other unethical, illegal or immoral behavior exhibited by lawmaker or appointed official

Tips & Warnings