Maybe you are looking to buy something. Maybe you are saving up for your first car. Whatever the case, many teens are looking to make some extra money.

Web Developing- If you are tech-savvy this may be a good option, as there are many businesses with poor websites.

App Developing- Many businesses do not have apps, if you have the unique set of skills required to develop apps then this is a very good option.

Blogging- There are many opportunities on the web to make money blogging or writing.

Stock Photography- Sell pictures that are used in ads, all you need is a camera.

Selling Art- Sell art online.

Taking Surveys- Many survey website are boring, but do pay pretty well. Just watch out for scam website.

Pay to Click Websites- You get paid to click on ads on a website. The real money on this sort of website is getting referrals.

Selling in an Online Marketplace- Sell some of your old things online.

Sell Other People's Things Online- Sell in an online marketplace, just you are selling other people's things and earning a percentage of what you sell it for (usually about 40-45%).

In a Store/Office:
At an Office- A lot of small businesses could use an extra hand filing papers and delivering mail around the office.

At a Grocery Store- Many grocery stores need extra baggers, and will often hire teens to do the job.

At an Ice Cream Shop- Most ice cream shop employees are teens.

As a Waiter/Waitress- Resteraunts often struggle to find waiters/waitresses.

Help Out at a Parent's Business- If your parents or a friend's parents are looking for an extra hand at their job, they may employ you for a low-cost.

In the Neighborhood:
Start a lawn mowing business Requires some initial investment in a lawnmower.

Babysitter- It's recommended that you take a babysitting course before taking a job.

Tutoring- Tutor younger kids at a local library.

Petsitting- Watch people's pets while they're away.

Mail Runner- If you live in a place with a lot of businesses, some may hire you to deliver papers/files to another local business.


If you have any special talents that could be used for something try to find a job related to that.

Try to find a job that interests you.

If you are in college you may want to consider doing a paid internship. It will help your experience in that field and will help you earn some extra money.