Looking to make money online in 30 minutes? Did you know you can make money online in 30 minutes or less? In fact you ca begin today and begin to make money. You can do what you want with your money and it can even become a full-time income. There’s no real work involved and as long as you have some skill you can market to others it’s possible to make money. I’m not talking about riches here because that’s unrealistic just a steady income. Here’s how you can make money in 30 minutes or less online.

Money in 30 Minutes The Micro Job

Let’s face it it’s hard to make money in a tough economy. You have skills but no one will hire you. What if you could sue those skills and make money with little effort? The 30 minute job I am talking about is the micro job.  This job is something you can do quickly without much effort at all and get paid a small fee for doing it. Can you design a simple logo? Can you write a simple 300 word blog post? Websites such as Fiverr will pay you a small fee to complete a job that you specify. Someone buys the job or “gig” from you and you complete the small job for a fee. You can make hundreds per week or per day depending on what you’re selling and what people want.

The Pay is Too Low

Yes the job is very low pay but you must do something that takes you no effort at all. Some people can write 300 words in 10 minutes for example or maybe you have PLR articles you can download to people at the click of a button. You might be able to create a logo or a short video clip in mere minutes. The trick is to find something that doesn’t take you a long time to do and then just repeat it for each new buyer.

Don't Work Too hard

You don’t want to work too hard in sites such as Fiverr. The trick is to do the jobs that don’t take up a lot of your time or you won’t make money. Think in terms of mere minutes not hours to do the job, it needs to be sоmething quick. In this way you can make money in 30 minutes by doing small jobs on micro sites. Once you find something that works for you just repeat the job or do something similar to keep the money coming in. Micro job sites aren’t for everyone but if you’re broke and just need some quick cash these sites are excellent opportunities to make a quick buck.

Be Original

Some people are quite creative on the site and some people do odd things that are quite popular. For example, some people write message on their hands, or sing a song in an outfit or do all sorts of crazy stuff and this sell well. The more original you are the better your sales can be, Jut do things above and beyond what other people are doing and you’ll find some success on this type of site and you’ll make money in 30 minutes online.