Make money in college

So you've finally done it and started college. So many exciting things ahead and so many things to do, one catch though is that you will need money to do most of these activities. Sure you have that student loan which will help but after tuition and books there won't be much left for the essentials like beer and mac & cheese let alone the non-essentials like pens and paper. The lucky few will have their parents to fall back on and help them buy all the necessities; others will have to go out and find work at some coffee or sandwich shop on campus, this will eventually cause a problem with getting all that studying in but more importantly will conflict with all the dating, partying and watching artsy independent movies (sometimes all three at once). There is a way though that you can earn some extra spending money without having to go out and work. There are several ways to make money in college online and not eat up too much free time.

Take Surveys Online

There are several sites that offer cash as an incentive for participating in surveys. For this all you have to do is Google take surveys online and countless sites will show up all offering some compensation for taking a survey. These can be a quick way to earn a couple of extra bucks, however the ones that pay more usually require you to give up more personal information in the survey or can take a couple of hours to complete. Online focus groups can also be lumped into this category and like the surveys will pay you money for participating but will be fairly time consuming and cut into that new French black and white movie that you were planning on seeing with that girl you met at the party you just went to (see parties, women and artsy independent films always seem to find their way into your plans in college).

Start Your Own Blog

This can eventually make you some money, but will take a significant amount of time just to set up and once it is up will require you to update it constantly with content that has some value and not the types of things you might post on twitter. Frank just bought some beer and feels awesome. I understand that it might be necessary for me to know that Frank has beer now and as awesome as he feels I don't think it will attract many people to the blog. If you don't mind the time that it will take to keep the site updated then this can be a great way to earn money in College online, by getting paid through advertisements that you have on the site. Keep in mind that the average click through rate that you should expect to get is roughly 2%, which means that 2 people out of every 100 will click on an advertisement from that you will probably get paid 50 cents per click (this can vary depending on the ads that are displaying). So to make any real money and afford to switch from domestic to imported beer you would need roughly a couple of thousand visitors a day.

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Write for an Article sharing site like

This is probably the best and least time consuming way for you to make money in college online. How this works is you sign up for an account on InfoBarrel and a Google AdSense account and post articles where ads will get placed and you will get paid when people click on the ads, similar what you would do if you had a blog. What makes this better is that all of the leg work is done for you, like building the site and developing a search engine ranking so that articles that you place on InfoBarrel will come up first and get high volumes of traffic. Articles on InfoBarrel range in a variety of topics from A Zombie How to Survival Guide to The ultimate portable toilet for camping. This means that the essay that you just wrote on the Rise and Fall of Napoleon can easily be a great article and make you some money (now writing that essay wasn't a complete waste of time). Reformatting notes that you took in Bio 101 so that they are legible to people that don't know your short hand and posting it in InfoBarrel can also be a great way to make some money without actually having to do any extra work, leaving time for the girl that sits next to you in Chem 210. Finally if you manage to find yourself with any free time (like in the lecture for that elective that you had to take) you can write simple how to guides on any topic, How to cram a year's worth of notes in one night or How to play beer pong.Make Money Online (39287)

Sell Your Personal Belongings on Ebay

This can be another way of to make money in college online, however since you probably just moved out and don't really have any possessions that anyone else would like to own, I suggest that you stay away from this one.