How many times during a regular day do you talk with your friends about sports? How about playing or watching sports? How many sports do you participate in? If your answer to any of these questions is more than one then there is a good shot you can make money online being an athlete.

    People have been and always will be interested in games and competitions. Now, sports fans and other athletes are able to go online to get the info and tools they need to better their knowledge and skills. What I propose to all you high school athletes out there is to consider monetizing your talents online during school.

      Right now, I have friends in high school who spend half their day watching, playing, and practicing a sport simply because they love it. If you’re like one of these people, here are some ways you can turn your hobby or talent into a business with little to no extra work.

  • Teach someone in another country the rules of a sport [If it takes you 15 minutes to teach one person then, you could be making $20 an hour.]
  • Become an online personal coach for 15 minutes for $5
  • Teach someone your tips and tricks for $5
  • Offer “How to” videos for $5. [Scalable idea- create one video that people can buy. You only have to do the work once!]

  • Write “How to” articles for how to play or teach a sport.
  • Write articles about emerging techniques or athletes.
  • Write articles about historic athletes.
  • Teach people your tips and tricks in a brief 400-500 word essay.
  • Review your favorite (or least favorite) pieces of equipment.


The Goal here is to create content that people around the world will want to read. The more people you help, the more money you will earn.

    These are a few ideas I have seen in the past, but never have I seen them done by high schoolers. I know for a fact that a high school kid can do anything an adult can, so I believe its time we start earning our share and start helping others with the things we love.