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How to make Money in the Months of Spring

Winter’s over and the world is beginning to thaw out.  Bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming.  It’s time to get out of your winter slump, go out, and make some cash!  Just like the seasons of summer, fall, and winter, spring has its own unique opportunities for the entrepreneur to earn some money.

Get Outside!

It’s finally gotten warm out and it’s time to get out of the house!  For the entrepreneur, spring provides a myriad of opportunities to make some cash out of doors.  All of those little old ladies are going to want help overturning their gardens and clearing out the weeds.  Trees and bushes will need trimming and  they’ll also need help with projects around the house.

If you live in warmer climates grass may have already begun to grow and any form of landscaping business should be picking up.    You should be able to land a few lawn mowing jobs easily.  Lots of folks will be looking for help to get this year’s batch of mulch around their trees and bushes.  Throw out a few hints to neighbors and friends and put up some flyers.     Not only is this a great opportunity to make some cash, but by getting out for some sun and exercise you’ll be fit for a swimsuit at the beach come summer.

Spring Clean!

Spring is the traditional time of the year to throw open windows and air out the house and many folks will want help with the cleaning.  Window cleaning is in special demand as it’ll be the first time since winter that water can be used to wash the outside of the panes.  Power-washing and the sealing of driveways also sees high demand during the spring months.

Along with cleaning things, spring is also a great time to de-clutter your house and garage.  With the warm weather many folks turn out on weekends to shop at yard-sales.  Why not set up one of your own?  If you still have a few extra items left over after a weekend sale, remember that items tend to move quickly when placed on craigslist.

Get Hired Out!

Warmer weather means spring plowing and a thousand other chores for farmers.  See if you can get a job as a farm hand.  They’ll usually take on just about anyone who’s willing to work hard and you might just learn a few new skills.  If you’ve got a farming bent yourself, you may consider swinging by the local Co-op and picking up a few ducklings or chicks around Easter.  Raise them up and sell them for meat or sell their eggs come summer.  Locally raised meats and dairy products nearly always carry a premium over store-bought items.

Spring is also the time that construction companies begin cranking up their business.  Jobs like cement pouring and bricklaying simply can’t be done in subfreezing weather and all of that work that has been piling up through the winter will be waiting for you.  Roofing companies are also beginning to pick up more work.  After all, who wants to replace a roof on their house when it’s snowing or raining outside?

Don't forget that you can always start up a handyman side gig.  Information on how to get work as a handyman can be found in the article "How to Start a Handyman Business Cheaply."

Get out there and Make Some Cash!

Let those winter doldrums melt away with the warmer weather and get out there and make some cash!  Just like in the winter, summer, and fall, there are loads of spring opportunities for those with enough entrepreneurial spirit to reach out and grab them.  Just keep an open mind and a strong work ethic and you’ll be swamped with opportunities before you know it.