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How to Make Money in the Summer Months

Summer is finally here.  School is out, the weather is hot, and the days are long.  What are you going to be doing with your summer?  Just like the seasons of winter, spring, and fall, summer has its own unique opportunities for a hard worker.  You could quickly be earning some serious cash if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to go out there and grab the opportunities that only summer can provide. 

Get Outside!

Summer is no time to be indoors.  Yes, it may be nice and cool with the AC running while you’re having a videogame marathon but life is waiting for you just outside!  If you want to make money during the summer months the quickest way is to do some yard work.  The grass is growing fast and someone needs to make sure that it stays in check.  Put up some flyers around the neighborhood and let folks know that you’re interested in helping them out with any lawn care or landscaping needs that they might have.  You’ll soon have more work than you know what to do with!  Also, don’t forget that many folks who started gardens in the spring will need help with those pesky weeds.

If you’re in the mood to get an hourly job, there are nearly always summer openings for life-guards and summer camp councilors.  Baseball stadiums will be looking for vendors at the concession booths and peanut sellers to work the stands.  Many construction firms are also on the lookout for good workers to help with the annual summertime boom.

Sell Stuff!

Yes its cliché, but a lemonade stand can make some serious dough if you market it correctly.  Feel free to branch out into other products as well.  Hotdogs, peanuts, and soda are always favorites or you could pick up a cooler of dry ice and sell ice-cream.  If your stand isn’t getting any business, take your salesmanship skills on the road.  All of those hot construction workers and landscapers are just looking for an excuse to take a break and cool off.  Summer is also a great opportunity to host a few yard sales.

Market your Skills!

Perhaps you have specialized skills that make you uniquely marketable.  Handyman jobs abound during the summer months.  You can try placing ads in the local paper or on craigslist to scare up some work.  If you’re good with simple machines, bicycle repair and lawn mower repair can make some serious cash in a short amount of time.

If you’re a skilled fisherman, why not get paid to spend your summer afternoons out on the water?  Fishing guides can bring great money and it’s an excellent opportunity to get paid while doing what you love.

Don't forget that you can always start up a handyman side gig.  Information on how to get work as a handyman can be found in the article "How to Start a Handyman Business Cheaply."

Neighbors on Vacation?

If your neighbors have planned a vacation for the summer, their pets will need to be taken care of.  A dog or cat sitting business can make you money.  Dog walking is also an option.  Many folks don’t feel comfortable leaving their house uncared for while they are out of town.  This provides a great opportunity to do some house sitting.  In addition to getting paid just to hang out and watch their stuff, you might even get fridge privileges!

Get out there and Make Some Cash!

Don’t spend summer indoors playing video games.   Get out there and make some cash!   Just like in the winter, spring, and summer, there are loads of summer opportunities for those with enough entrepreneurial spirit to reach out and grab them.  Just keep an open mind and a strong work ethic and you’ll be swamped with opportunities before you know it.