Have You Heard of Bubblews?

I'm not sure what the name means, but it's a great site for those wanting to make money online.

A few of my fellow IB'ers are talking about Bubblews.  Ever the curious sort, I thought I'd check it out.  What does it mean?  That's unclear at this point.  Probably something like a mix of 'bubbles' and 'news.'  The site is a mix of social media and InfoBarrel, with limited linking abilities.  When an author posts an article it rests on the front page as a feature for visitors who happen to land on the page at that moment.  This feed is constantly changing as new content is added, so it's a sprint-of-a-marathon to keep your content on the top page.

Connecting with others and creating content that gets viewed, liked, disliked, and commented on will be your keys to making money on Bubblews.  Creating articles is a quick process, although the text editing feature is limited.  As an author you can add links to your articles, but there's a catch.  While it's easy to add a link to an article, access to HTML code is restricted, and the link shows in all its glory.  So if your article is about Panerai Watches, your actual link will appear as: http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_li_qf_sp_sr_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=aps&keywords=panerai%20watches&linkCode=as2&tag=medialunchbox-20

The site has some restrictions for posting links, and is thus not very appealing to affiliate marketers. It is an interesting site where it seems easy to make money online by creating valuable content.  Here's how to get started.

1.  Register (it's free) When you sign up, your account is automatically credited with a fiver.  Five bucks just to sign up?  That's great!  I signed up just a few hours ago and have written three articles already (you're limited to 10 per day, fyi).  At last check, I had already earned sixty-nine cents.  You can't cash out until your balance hits $25, so you've got some work to do in promoting your pages and getting involved.  My thoughts are that many people will give up before hitting this number, but we'll see.Bubbles LogoCredit: bubblews.com

2.  Fill out your profile.  Your profile has some space for a profile picture, a link to your personal website, and a short bio where you can add links to other sites like IB, Squidoo, etc... I recommend setting this up quickly and then posting your profile page here, so others here on IB can connect with you at Bubblews.  

3. Socialize  The way this site works is very social, meaning there are no permanent fixtures of articles, and no features.  How your article gets promoted is by your own efforts.  Once you publish your article, it's up to you to promote it and drive traffic to the site. You are paid for every view, every comment, and every ad-click on your articles.  You're even paid for likes and dislikes, but you've got to get people there to earn them.  Given the speed of article adding, new articles have about ten seconds (or less) on the front page.  

4. Start a Trend  When you write an article, you have the opportunity to add tags/keywords to the article by typing '+keyword' (without the quotes) anywhere in your article.  When you add a tag to your article, the article is automatically linked to other articles with the same keyword.  For example, I wrote an article titled 'How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis, aka Heel Pain' and tagged it with the keywords plantarfasciitis, runningshoes, and heelpain.  Those keywords became new 'BubblePulses', which are the site's way of tracking trending topics.  Then, when another author tags their article with the same keyword and they become linked together, and the topic (bubblepulse) moves up higher in the ranking and becomes more visible.  Since the site pays not only for clicks but also for views, this will be the way to maximize your earning potential on the site.  Tag your articles by adding '+keyword' throughout your article.  Be careful to keep it relevant though, or that could hurt your pages' rankings.  Spaces in keywords are ignored, resulting in unexpectedly shortened keywords.  

5. Promote Your Articles  The site has a built-in Twitter share button (similar to IB's Facebook button).  Use this to drive traffic to your articles.  Remember that you get paid on views, so getting the word out and driving traffic will be key to your success (and taking that free five bucks home!) on Bubblews.

Happenings on BubblewsCredit: bubblews.com

My First Thoughts on the site are that it's a crazy, hyperactive place to make money.  There doesn't seem to be moderation of any kind besides dislikes (and you get paid for those too, so who really cares what you create!?!), and everything moves so fast that you have to constantly pound out articles to create revenue.  Many people want a way to make free money online and although the free fiver is nice, the amount of legwork to create the next twenty dollars just to take anything home looks like a steep and crazy wall to climb.  I'll come back to it later, but for now I'd rather create higher-quality content on sites like IB and Squidoo.  

I hope this helps my fellow writers decide what to do with this new site. I've seen a couple other IB'ers over there already, so we'll see what comes of it.  I'm hesitant to say it's going to be spectacular for great content.  A headline and a couple of starting lines look like all you'll need. Maybe it would be best to use it as a 'blog' of sorts, linking to your other articles by sharing the first few sentences and then adding a link back to InfoBarrel to read the rest.  In fact, I'll try that and see how it works, and update the article or add to the comments once the dust has settled.

Update:  There are several other Infobarrel writers on Bubblews, and I've connected with them over there.  

If you have any advice or corrections to my article, I'm open to learning as I go.  Please straighten me out, I need it sometimes!