It can be difficult trying to make money nowadays since the market is down, jobs are hard to find and everything is rising in price. As a result, many people are looking to make money with other means, especially where they can stay home. Ebay is a great way to make money fast and doesn’t require a whole lot of knowledge or even effort. Since Ebay is an auction site, you can make money quickly simply by auctioning off some of your old items. If you have anything lying around your house that is still in pretty good condition (the worse condition it is, generally the harder it is to sell so try to find things that are in good condition), auction it up on Ebay

One of the most important things to do when auctioning up your old items is your ability to sell them. You don’t want to just say that you have a toaster for sale, because you won’t get many responses. When you put anything up for sale, make sure you take multiple pictures of it (from different angles in order for the potential customer to get a good idea of exactly what you are selling) and include a description of it with as much information as you have about it. The more people know about your item, the more likely they will buy it and the fewer complaints you will receive after you sell it because it will be exactly what was promised.

This brings me to my second point, never lie about the product. You may want to exaggerate the good features of the item you want to sell in order to sell it faster, but it’ll work out better for you if you just say exactly what you have. This way the customer will know exactly what to expect and you will save yourself any trouble down the road about misleading the customer.

The next tip I want to discuss today is the price of your item. The best thing to do when you put your item up on Ebay is to take a look at how much it’s really worth beforehand. Once you know the value of your item, you can charge slightly less (since it’s a used item) and also include that information in your description. The best strategy for trying to sell something on Ebay is to put up a decent price and then wait a while. If no one responds to it, keep lowering the price little by little until you either sell it or it’s too low of a price to bother anymore. Try selling any old electronics you might have including old video games, televisions etc. However, this is just a suggestion; you can find almost anything on Ebay from appliances, to jewellery to furniture so remember to be creative when looking around your house for things to sell.

The last point I want to go through is to be committed as a seller. When someone buys your item, write them a little thank you message (this will seem more personal and encourage them to buy from you in the future) and ship the product right away. Don’t wait around to ship the item, just do it immediately after you receive payment for it.